August 17, 2008

Feeling Discouraged

Sometimes winning just isn't enough. I have been training by butt off with Pfitz 70+and felt decent. I am tired, but making it. I signed up for the Woodland Wallahatchie 10K as a tune-up race. This past week was a recovery week of 77 miles, but I did rearrange the schedule so all harder runs were earlier in the week. I didn't actually taper, but did slow my pace WAY down Thurs. and Fri. So, on to race day. When we left house early Saturday it was raining pretty hard. Luckily it stopped minutes before start, leaving hazy and humid air. The course was an out-and-back, sloping up gradually to the turn around. Going into the race, I knew I wouldn't PR. I had been doing high mileage, plus a PR while running in a sauna is close to impossible. With that being said, I did expect to see a decent time, something close to my PR because of all my hard training. As you gathered from the title, my time was crap. I took the women's lead from the get-go, even before the 5K turn-around. I held it the whole way with no other females in the area. The first 3 miles I was able to stay with a pack of about 3 men, but they drifted off a little before the turn around. Then another man caught up to me. He and I ran together until the 5 mile and he had a pretty good kick in. I, on the other hand, did not. Here are the ugly splits:
40:43 Finish Time
Even though I am very discouraged and disappointed in myself, the race was very well organized. Each mile was well marked, pleny of water and gatorade. They also offered cold, wet sponges out on the course. At the finish, they had cold wet rags with plenty of water. Volunteers from the church donated plenty of yummy baked goods and fruit. They had great door prizes, too. (Even though I was unlucky.) The trophies are well... I'll let you decide for yourself.


  1. Hmmm--77 mile down weeks, running in heat and humidity, and running workouts. That certainly doesn't sound like a recipe for a fast 10K. I think you are being a little hard on yourself!

    I've had to drop my mileage now that the workouts have picked up in intensity and I'm racing more. There was no way I could work, run 90+ and hit my workouts.

    Since this is your first go around at this high of mileage, you might want play around and figure out where that balance is for you.

    You know I'm cheering for you!

  2. I am in total awe of your dedication and split times. You are amazing! Don't be so hard on yourself!

    You can, however, keep that trophy to yourself... Hidden in a closet, of course.


  3. I agree, you're being a bit hard on yourself. Great job!

    Also... that trophy is AWESOME! :)

  4. hey I like that trophy. don't focus on this race, your marathon is right around the corner, focus on that :)