June 30, 2008

Sweating Like a Man: Part 2

Okay, this weekend I was Matron of Honor in a good friend's wedding. The wedding was at a small bed & breakfast in Andalusia, Alabama. I was already a bit annoyed at the expensive & ugly dress I would be wearing for the ceremony. The dress was a lime green, maternity-looking ballerina dress. It was the most unflattering thing I have ever put on. I tried to stay positive, because it is afterall, all about the bride. So... we had the rehearsal Friday night at the small chapel and all went smoothly. We then spent the night in a hotel w/ peeling wallpaper. Wedding Day came and I spent most of the morning fixing the bride's hair, the flower girls' hair, and helping finish last minute decorations. Right before pictures the news came that the air conditioner had gone out in the chapel. What????? It was 93 degrees outside and probably even hotter in the contained area. We went in for pictures and it was hot, really hot, but all of a sudden it started working again. We relief for a few minutes and then it went out. The fix-it men came, but no luck. I gave the bride's hair an extra few sprays and we put on some extra powder. It was showtime. No joke, the chapel was probably 100 during the ceremony. I could feel the sweat pouring down my stomach and back. There was another issue at hand- my fake chest. The Expensive Ugly Dress did not have enough up-top fabric for a regular bra. I am pretty flat, so I bought a stick on bra guarenteed to increase a full cup size. As I sweated profusely, I worried about the stickiness. With all this sweating, I could see the sweat penetrate the fabric of the dress. Luckily, I could hide most of it w/ my bouquet. When the wedding was over, we practically sprinted out of the chapel. When I came out bride and groom pointed at me and began to laugh hysterically. I went to the bathroom to check out the damage. Wow, it was bad. The dress was soaked. I looked absolutely awful. I had armpit, chest, and back sweat marks on the Expensive Ugly Dress. Here's the proof of the disaster.


  1. Oh my goodness... I want to laugh, but I know that's something that would totally happen to me too!

  2. Oh, how awful, but that happened to me at my brother's wedding. And we have pictures of that awful day to remind us of how miserably hot we were.

  3. But you still look beautiful! I actually like the color. Call me crazy.

    Great week 16 of the Pfitz program. You're such a strong runner! Man, I wish I was you!!!

  4. LA - love the dress sweat! I couldn't even imagine that kind of heat during a wedding!

    Your week is incredible! You are a running goddess! I only wish I could do that kind of mileage at that pace! Crazy!

  5. Ha! That's hilarious! And 10 points to you for sharing something that funny on your blog.

    Way to go on setting up the girls running camp, too-- that's so important!