June 30, 2008

Pfitz Week 16 Complete

This was a hot, but successful running week. My ITBS has flared a bit, but nothing a little stretching didn't fix. Here's my week in review:
M: 6 miles recovery 8:23 pace
T: 10 miles moderate effort, no Garmin
W: a.m. 7 miles 7:30 pace, p.m. 1 mile w/u & 4 miles 6:32 pace on TM
T: 6 miles recovery 8:21 pace
F: 14 miles 7:32 pace
S: 6 miles recovery 8:01 pace
S: 16 miles 7:38 pace
Sunday's workout started slowly. I was tired from all the wedding hoopla, so the first 9 miles were @ 7:53 pace. I picked it up for the rest of my run and nailed AROUND 7:20s, with an ending average of 7:38. I was pleased with my acceleration b/c with my increase in speed was an increase in temp. For any southerners reading, you know that when the sun comes up, the heat is on.

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