May 17, 2008

The Garbage Man Makes More Than Me!

Yesterday Allied Waste came to speak to students about safety around the trash truck. At the end, they asked the kids if they had any questions. With 8 year-olds there are ALWAYS questions. One of my babies asked how much money the men on the back of the truck make. His answer was astonishing- UP TO $200 a DAY! They work 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. That means their yearly salary is more than mine, and I have a Master's Degree!!!!! The next question came from one of the teachers, "Are you hiring?" (That was a joke.) By the way, they don't even touch the trash. They have a claw on the truck that picks the can up and dumps it for them, so it's really not THAT gross.

On to running. After a late night, I didn't go on my run until almost 8:30. The sun was out and it was about 65 degrees, perfect running weather. I decided to run the golf course near my house. I like this route b/c I don't have to drive to run. I run from the house, through the neighborhood to a trail. The trail goes around a lake, through the woods to the country club golf course. I get to run this route much b/c it is always dark when I go for my runs. I love how the lake looks when the wind blows and the sun is shining on it. Pfitz scheduled an easy 5 miler for today, but I made it 6 because I was thoroughly enjoying myself. It was a good start to a day of cleaning and organizing the house. We are having a small get-together tonight, so I want everything to be tidy. Happy weekend and thanks for reading!

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