July 12, 2016

Disappointing Workout

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post, let me recap last week.

Monday: Shark Race at Orange Beach with stroller- 4 miles 30: 45 (because racing with a stroller is the best thing to do the day after a marathon)

Tuesday: 6 miles in the morning- girls and I had planned to do more, but none of us were really feeling it. 6 stroller miles in the evening with the Running Wild group. And shout out to my hubby who ran for the first time since March! (He goes through phases like that. LOL)

Wednesday: 10 miles

Thursday: 11 miles

Friday: 15 miles

Saturday: Planned 24, but only did 20. I was seriously, seriously on the Struggle Bus.

Sunday: 7 treadmill miles- I wanted more, but S woke up early.

Total: 80 miles

After Saturday's run, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I really needed a cutback week. The plan I am following does 3 weeks heavy, and then a cutback week. However, I have put off the cutback week b/c I want to use it when I take the HS kids to camp this week. Looking back, I've done 75-85 miles a week since the end of May.

I don't know why I'm so hard headed about taking a break. Somewhere in my warped mind, I feel like it's admitting defeat. However, the experienced runner in me KNOWS the value of backing off and rebuilding. So, this is my cutback week.

I had another 5 minute tempo interval workout today. Last time I did the workout, it was on the road. I did 5 x 5 minutes, ranging from 6:42-6:55, 1 minute recoveries.

Today, I met Sam, Daniel, and Jess at Sam's house to head to the track. They were all doing a 400 workout, but misery loves company.
Warm up: a little over 2 miles
At this point, I realized I really needed to go to the bathroom; so I used my first 5 min to run back to Sam's, slightly downhill 7:02 average. Then I had to run back, which is slightly uphill, 7:17 average. 
I then got on the track to join the group for the rest of the sets. Averages for the remaining 5 minute sets: 7:02, 6:52, 6:52, 6:52.

The way I have my Garmin set for the workout is that I can't see the pace I'm running. The screen shows me which repeat I'm on and how much time is left in the repeat. So, I'm running by feel whole time.

I think I did roughly a 2 mile cool down, maybe a little less, but I stopped my Garmin after the intervals.  Once I stopped my Garmin and looked at the data, I was SO INCREDIBLY MAD! Why, just why was today so much slower?!?!? I vented to the girls and stewed the whole way home.

I have to acknowledge the data, though. What is it telling me? Okay, my legs are tired. The cumulative mileage is taking its toll. It confirms that I need a cutback week, which I was already suspecting and expecting. I guess I just want better than that.

Most days I'm good with the runner I am now. I recognize that seasons change, life changes, and I can't train like I used to. Today that really ticked me off. Where is that girl? Why won't my body do it anymore? The fact that it won't is exactly why I chose the goal of a 50 mile race. I need a challenge, but I couldn't keep beating the dead horse that the marathon had become. I need(ed) new goals.

Wish us luck at XC camp! It's our first time going as a team! I hope to come back fired up and ready to coach and train!

Run Happy, friends!

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