December 20, 2014

The New Edition

Big news, but first a look at my training…
*Side note: I am a follower of this blog where she mentioned that by being transparent in her training, she held herself accountable. YES! This is my attempt as well. And besides, after months of baby updates, it feels nice to write about my running. (Since my entire life is consumed with baby.)

Week of Dec. 8:
Mon: 12 miles. Sam and I have been doing one medium long run a week. It's super early, but I really like it, and it gives me flexibility in the week to do a shorter stroller run or sleep in one day.

Tues: 3 x 1.5 miles. I was late getting out of the house; so I had to reduce the cool down, but total was 7 miles. 1.5 repeats were at 6:45, 6:37, and 6:39 averages. I've been doing my tempo workouts with a Garmin, but I've been putting it on the screen that does NOT show the pace. I can see the distance of the interval or the run, but not the pace. This is forcing me to train by effort.

Wed: 7 miles, 4 were with the stroller. I was basically buying my time until hubby got off work. Then he met me and took Savannah for the rest of my run.

Thurs: 1 min on/1 min off fartlek run of 30 min total, plus 15 min warm up/cool down, totaling 8 miles. Paces were all over the place due to a VERY windy morning on the track. The school track is in the middle of a  field; so there is no break from the wind. Even the calmest of days can bring on a breeze of some sort. I've gone back and forth about doing these timed intervals on track or road. I used to HATE the track, but since returning to training, I like the feeling of being on the track and feeling like a "real" runner. I know that sounds crazy, but I feel like my mind and effort go into "work" mode more on the track.

Fri. 8 very easy

Sat. 8K race, 8 miles total. I had a VERY rushed warmup. I still haven't mastered the whole nurse-baby-in-car before warmup routine. My warmup was less than a mile and even then, that was hubby getting my race bib and helping me with shoes, etc. All you parents out there know that getting out of the house is a HUGE ordeal. It's amazing I showed up with shoes on to race.

The 8K was mixed with a half marathon. I honestly wanted to do the half, but I respect the fact that I'm not in shape to race a half at this point, and these shorter races allow me the opportunity to race and use the results as benchmarks for my training.

This particular race is growing. Each year gets bigger and bigger. It's flat, cheap, low frills, but GREAT. I targeted 6:45 as my goal pace for the race. I did the 10K last month at 6:54, and I could tell that I'd improved some. I started on plan with mile 1 at 6:45. That felt pretty good and mile 2 was 6:42. At the turn around, I could tell I had some in the tank; so I decided to put it out there a bit and test the waters. I was locked into 2nd female. 1st was too far to catch, and at the turn around, it seemed 3rd was too far back to catch me. Mile 3 was 6:40, followed by mile 4 at 6:40, with a final kick of mile 5 at 6:33. 

8K average 6:42.

Sun: So, we had our work party and our first "date" night since Savannah was born. I drank a little too much. (Don't worry, I pumped and dumped!) This led to a craptastic 12 mile run.

Total for the week: 63 miles.

Enter this week…
Every year, the week before Christmas break totally kicks my butt. Elementary schools completely overdo the holidays, in my opinion. I start every Christmas break wanting to quit my job, feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted, and often SICK.

Mon: I slogged through a stroller run of 4 miles. I had intended to do more, but by the time hubby got home, I just didn't have any energy. I think the sickness was already looming.

Tues: 12 miles with Sam, and we were in the low 8s on pace feeling GREAT.

Yep, I've wanted one for years, mostly for the convenience of it. I came home to a complete surprise. At a time where we have very little money, i surely didn't expect this. Apparently, he's been hoarding his fishing tournament money and found a good deal on this one. I LOVE IT. It's a Pro Form Marathon. I did 7 miles, 3 at 6:49 pace to break it in.

Thurs: Still enjoying the new tready. You can run different portions of the Boston course. It shows them on the screen and simulates the elevation. I did Miles 11-18 and it was really cool!

Fri: Sickness of death. My head hurts, my nose is stuffed up, and I feel like all around CRAP.

Will rally and regroup to get in some good stuff this weekend. UGH!

Run Happy, friends!


  1. That is so sweet of your hubby to surprise you with a treadmill! Especially since he has been secretly saving for it.

  2. Sickness, nursing, and all, you look like you're gaining some traction there!

    And good for you for listening to your body and dialing it back a day or so. Mama's gotta keep her battery charged as much as possible:)

    Hope Christmas week brings some more rest for you and some more good running!

  3. so you are crossing over to the dark side... but with baby in house it might help.

    That said we don't have a baby in house and I can't find time to run 60 mile weeks!

  4. Great week for you Rebecca! And I love that you got a treadmill. I am hoping next year I can buy one. :-)

  5. 60 miles with a full-time job and kid! So inspirational.

    I'm so excited for you about the treadmill. What a thoughtful and useful gift. Happy Holidays!