September 28, 2014

The Start of a Long Road Back

So… the night before I went into labor, I signed up for Boston. LOL, yep, sure did. It started as an innocent FB conversation with my coach, and from there it spiraled into me signing up for Boston!

I ran Boston in 2003, but it wasn't anywhere near a good race for me. I had a horrendous case of bronchitis days before the race, but refused to bag it. It was a personal worst, and honestly I don't remember much of it b/c I was so drugged up and miserable with coughing. I haven't done Boston since mostly b/c of track. It's smack in the middle of track season. Well…

I resigned from my job as track coach. And no, it has nothing to do with Baby Savannah. In fact, hubby has encouraged me 100% to continue to coach, knowing how much I love it. See, things got really bad this past spring with Coach C (boys track coach). A lot of things happened that I was not comfortable with, breaking of rules (him not me), inappropriate stuff, etc. I reported these things to the AD, and then to the principal. (The principal has since taken another job and moved on.) I was told at the end of the school year that Coach C was going to be let go, and they would hire a new boys' coach. Well, that didn't happen. And after a lot of soul searching and praying, I chose to resign. I drafted a letter to the AD and new principal explaining exactly why I was resigning- HIM. I didn't leave anything out and basically put it in the administrations hands. If they were going to allow someone to behave the way he has behaved, I didn't want to be a part of it. My position as teacher and XC coach is too valuable to be around a bunch of nonsense. Not to mention, that my once joyous position turned miserable. I hated going out there everyday because of HIM. I know it sounds like the easy way out, but trust me, this was not an easy decision for me. I simply got tired of fighting. And years ago I learned that at some point, you have to value your own happiness. And I knew that if I went back this year, coached with him, watched his bullcrap and suffered his mistreatment, I would be miserable again. And unfortunately, our community still follows the Bubba System in many ways. The AD felt like he couldn't fire him. And ultimately, I have to either choose to step away or deal with it. I chose to step away.

And enter BOSTON. I started back running on Thursday, two weeks post-delivery. YES, this was doctor approved, assuming I had quit bleeding and I got cleared by the chiro, which I did. Coach assigned me a week of run/walk intervals of 5 running, 2 walking, totaling 30 minutes. The old me would've balked at this. However, it's so true that having a child changes you so much. Since pregnancy and delivery and getting to know my precious girl, I don't even feel like the same person. And thanks to gigantic mirror of death, I SAW her being born, and WOW, does a woman's body really go through the ringer.

I had read/heard women describe the first run back and deathly; hubby's coworker even told me that it feels like your insides are falling out.  Conclusion on that is that those women came back too soon, because it did NOT feel like my insides were falling out. I did feel like a gummy worm trying to run upright b/c of my lack of core strength. LOL. It was awkward and weird feeling, but 3 days in and the awkwardness is being replaced by some confidence and better form. I had some soreness at the stitches site, but that also didn't bother me after day 2. And the most excellent news is that I think my bladder is going to be okay b/c I haven't peed my pants on any of my runs! Yep, it's the small things these day. Ha! I'm also doing a few leg and core exercises, but nothing too much. I don't want to risk injury while hormones are still high and things are still going back into place.

And so the training begins. I'm in no way expecting a PR. In fact, I have no idea what to expect. I'm simply going to follow the training and see what happens.

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Look at that cutie!
    I think you made the right decision about track. You can't change the situation, and it could reflect poorly on you to tolerate his behavior - plus, like you said, you were miserable. Taking yourself out of the scenario was the only way out.
    Happy for you going to Boston!

  2. The lay-off would have done you good, so now use the time to build up properly and I bet you will surprise yourself...

    PS it looks like you are enjoying being a mom...

  3. The first sentence of this post is pure gold!

    Also, I'm very proud of you for resigning. You don't need that and your community needs people to point out that they don't need it either!

  4. Congrats on Boston! Glad you are going again. Wish I could go and just to spectate.

    Bummer about the coaching job. But you held on to it for so long and it was finally time to go. You made the right decision. With a new baby on board, you don't have time for that other BS.

  5. Signing up for a marathon the day before giving birth SO sounds like you! But your new perspective is so awesome and your passion for running and for your family will be an awesome compliment! Here's to new adventures!!

    And great job not peeing your pants! I told you that you were indestructible ;)