March 16, 2014

2nd Trimester- whooohooo!

Well, I'm 14.5 weeks and feeling SOOOOO much better.

I expected to wake up the 1st day of the 2nd trimester and just feel awesome, ready to eat everything. Yes, that did happen, but it was a bit more gradual. I'm finally eating REAL food at night! No more soup and Triscuits! And WOW, did that appetite come back with a vengeance. I've been very mindful of this hunger. As much as I love being that girl that hasn't gained that much weight (um like, less than 5 lbs), what the doctor told me last visit still lurked in the back of my head. And truth is, as much as I want my pre-baby body back the moment s/he is born, I choose healthy baby over skinny 100 times over. And, while everyone around me is telling me I look fantastic and not even pregnant, I can't help but to think, "Is this okay?" I have read numerous runner mom blogs where women don't really start to show until 20 weeks. I do have a little belly, but still wearing my regular pants fully buttoned and zipped (minus one or two pairs that are a little too snug). So, now that the hideous evening sickness is gone, I've really upped it in the food department. I haven't been stuffing myself, or eating crap, but I have listened to my body. If I'm hungry, I eat! If I'm hungry after or before a meal, I eat. I figure that those hunger signals are there for a reason. I am still LOVING spicy and salty. Buffalo cauliflower? Yes, please! Friday night, hubby went and picked us up Thai food. Spicy red curry with brown rice and tofu for me- YUMMO! And, I still hate sweets. In fact, it's so bad that earlier this week when one of my students had a birthday, I had to get her mom to pass out the cupcakes. I just couldn't even get near them. Ick.

I'm still following coach's and doctor's orders of 50 miles a week (give or take one or two). I'm not doing much speed. According to my coach, and what's I've read, it's perfectly safe for pregnant women to do speed work, but at a tempo pace (still able to talk) and to keep the workout of a sensible size. My week as small as it is in comparison to what I am used to looks like this:
M: 7 and yoga
T: Off running, but pilates and core
W: 7
T: 8
F: 8 with 3 at tempo pace (I don't time this, just go at a little harder pace that my easy runs, all by feel)
S: 10 and pilates
S: 14

Baby Bell Updates
We are absolutely so excited to find out the baby's gender. The majority of people I've talked to think we're having a boy. However, that's based on old wives' tales of sickness, how you carry the baby, and food cravings. Oh yes, and this weird Chinese gender prediction based on your birthday, conception day, etc. Hahah. Fun to predict, but we will find out for sure the third week in April.

We already have both designs for the nursery, and we names picked out for each gender. Yay! Funny little fact, but after each run, I tell Baby Bell good job, pat my belly, and sometimes call him/her by one of the names we have chosen. It's FUN to say it out loud. (Okay, that sounds really baby obsessed, but give me a break, I've wanted a kid for 10 years and I'm a first time mom.)

My mom went NUTS on maternity clothes. She mailed me tons of things. I can't wear any of the pants yet, but a few of the tops are super cute, and not too maternity-ish, baggy/tunic type blouses, etc. I have already started wearing them, and since they don't really appear to be maternity, they are tops I can wear as I work to get my body back AFTER baby.

This evening, my friend Melanie is taking me to this really posh consignment sale in Mobile. It is open to the public tomorrow, but tonight they have a "teacher only" preview day. They gave out 100 tickets, and she got us each one. I'm hoping to find some bigger key items, and first on the list is a baby jogger. We're looking for some other baby items, all of which I spent most of the morning yesterday researching brands and prices. Melanie has two boys; so she will be there to help me with what I really need and don't need. (I'd be the one to come home with 50 cutsie onesies. LOL)

And that's an update from the preggo. Run Happy, friends!


  1. I can totally see you telling Baby Bell "good job"! you're running for two, after all and he or she deserves some early exposure to the rewards of the sport :)

    so glad you're feeling better and eating normally, well I guess regularly!!!

  2. Glad to hear things are going better for you.

    I can't wait to find out about the gender!!!

  3. Congrats on the fun developments and the maintenance of 50/week. Super impressive.

    Also, just wanted to give you a heads up that I quoted and linked to a post you did a while back in the comments of another blogger's post re: the tutu brouhaha that's making the rounds thanks to Self Magazine's recent idiocy: