September 14, 2013



 First some of our fun wedding photos in our favorite Brooks shoes. This is a pair of Special Edition Brooks Connects in white & purple.

These photos were taken outside of our reception. And no worries, I am NOT a big supinator. I think the dress made me supinate (pic below)? Weird. Those two beautiful ladies in the pic with us are my maid of honor, Adrienne, and matron of honor, Sam. Unfortunately, the hubby's groomsmen don't run.


 The pic above makes me super happy. That's my dad with his old smile. We don't get those very often these days.

I'm finally getting a chance to sit and relax a little bit today, and BOY does it feel good! Here's the rundown (get it? RUN down? Haha).

My team... oh my sweet, sweet team. They are such GREAT kids, but we've faced some challenges this year. I went into the season looking really optimistic, probably too optimistic. No doubt that the team is running MUCH faster than last year. I've compared our team times each week, and we're averaging TWO MINUTES faster than last year, but I'm afraid we're dwindling. Every time I turn around, someone is sick or injured or having to work on a Saturday morning and not able to race. We're hanging tough, though. We did a huge meet last week, and I honestly expected us to be close to the bottom. We got 12th out of 26 teams, though; so I'm pleased with that. There were some very experienced and prestigious teams there, too!

School is completely kicking my butt. Completely. Since I can't stay in the afternoon (due to practice), I have been getting to school at 6:30 each morning. Ouch. I am still teaching the inclusion class, but my kids are all "functional" this year. I'm outside now in the cottage, haha, and I've honestly been a little afraid out there. Our door faces out to the wide open public, and that bothers me a lot. There's a huge field nearby, too, making it easy for someone to approach my door without having to go by the school office or even through the main part of the school yard. Aside from the whole school safety issue, I lost Tracey to a lower grade (co-special ed teacher). She has been replaced by someone who spends as much time trying to get out of work as actually working. I'm pretty easy to get along with, but she straight doesn't do her job! It's really causing me added stress, considering I have a 5th grade non-reader and many others that are on about 1st-2nd grade level.

The running is coming along. I feel like my training is going well. I've had a bunch of weeks of consistent workouts and doing about 70ish miles a week. With that being said, I'm STRUGGLING at a few of the basics that I recommitted myself to last year- sleeping, eating, and taking basic care of myself. It's back to missing lunch, only to stuff my face full of cheez its later. I'm not able to take bathroom breaks and really only drinking one bottle of water during the day. Boo me. And sleep? Well, who can sleep when they are working 12+ hour days with grading papers and doing lesson plans on the side? I'm lucky to get 6 hours, with most nights being 5. Lucky for me, I went ahead and got my head cold out of the way last week.

I haven't been racing much. I did a 4 mile race on Labor Day as a workout, but nothing special. I also did a 5K in the pouring rain the week before the wedding, but once again, nothing special. I did manage to squeeze a win out of it, though.

Question for you coaching teachers- how do you keep up with it? I'm struggling to stay afloat here!


  1. Disclaimer I have only about 1/3rd the workload you do and am likely not the best one to comment on this one, but after stressing out over trying to keep all my little planets perfectly aligned in my nonexistent universe, I'm on a multitasking detox. If I think about an athlete's workout in TPeaks while I'm running or what I'll do in session while I'm teaching and how the heck can I get my progress notes written, I try and talk myself into being more present into what I'm doing. Still a major work in progress, but I think still worth doing. That and not beating myself up when I mess up (a big one) But that's me.

    I imagine you are doing much better than you think you are.

    Those pictures are beautiful, especially the one with your Dad!

  2. Every time I see one of your wedding photos I think "They are gorgeous!!" Great photos, you and your groom are beaming in every single shot :)

    I always enjoy reading your blog because you are honest about how much you have on your plate. I know you might think you can't hold it all together but believe me, your readers like me think you are doing amazing. Hang in there!