July 13, 2013

Get on Your High Horse, and You Will Fall Off HARD!

Never ever take life for granted when everything seems to be going your way. Being my Cloud Nine Engaged Self, I've had some pretty good days recently. Training has been going well; wedding planning is coming along, and I've had a lot of fun with the girls lately. My XC team has really surprised me a good way, and I've had to work hard to keep myself grounded with that. As only a 2nd year head XC coach, there are still SO many things I have to learn. One thing is the balance. I try to use what I know about myself when coaching. What I mean is this- the kids did a great job of following their off-season plan. I've been able to build their mileage more than last year. Up until July 1, I was not allowed to time them. I knew they were looking good, but when we did the first workout it was a really, really big and GOOD surprise. While we didn't do near the repeats we did at the end of the season last year, many of the kids ran their same times. WHAT? In this heat? This early in the season? I wanted to have a total spazz attack, complete with jumping and hugging. However, if my coach were to do that after one of my workouts, it would probably be a little weird. I think there is a certain poker face that needs to remain. I mean, the deal isn't sealed yet. There are still those little things called races. The last thing I want to do is get the kids all big-headed or worse: super nervous and filled with pressure. So, I've tried to muffle my excitement a tad. Of course, I have zero poker face; so they know they are rocking it right now, but I just haven't made this super big deal out of it like I'm feeling inside.

And my WINGS team... we had 14 qualify for Jr. Olympics. And as many of you know from FB, the news came to practice Thursday night. Believe it or not, I didn't make a total fool of myself. I was interviewed, as well as the sprint coach and two of our athletes. It was a really good clip that aired Friday night at 6 & 10 p.m.! Friday when I left for Tallahassee for our last regular meet, I was pretty much on Cloud Nine. I mean, why shouldn't I be? I had basically become Coach of Year in the past two weeks. (Hahahahahah). And more than that, I'm getting married is just over a month. Whoohhoooo! Don't you love how everything revolves around that? I do!

So, a lot happened today. I went on my scary/dark/ghetto run this morning and felt fine, very, very tired from not sleeping well in the hotel, but in good spirits. Long story, but the other coach didn't go to this meet, leaving me solo in charge. But no biggies, since I'm Coach of the Year and all... Well, we managed to stuff the huge tent and two coolers of ice into my Honda before leaving Pensacola yesterday. Of course, the guys from the store had helped me load it and pack it all. I get to the meet, and that stuff is heavy! It takes me forever to get it all unloaded, and I rip the tent case in the process. UGH! Then it starts to POUR rain, and rains for the entire meet. Fun, right? The kids and parents start arriving; so they help me put the tent up, and then we all huddled underneath it to watch the meet.

So... then I start feeling sick to my stomach. Like, really, really sick to my stomach. A whole bunch of saliva starts pooling in my mouth, and next thing I know, I'm kicking children out of the way to get to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I didn't make it all the way into the bathroom, but do manage to hit the trashcan outside the door. Klassy, right? Coach puking her guts up at the 200 curve. Then, it's not just throw up, my stomach is like cramping and hurting. I'm sweating my brains out, and I think I'm about to pass out. Not only am I sick as a dog, but I know the kids are waiting for me behind the stadium to get them warmed up for the 1500. (Younger kids aren't like high schoolers; you have to hold their hand through everything.) I'm stuck in this terrible bind of needing to get OUT of there, somewhere safe, and needing to get to the kids. For some reason, I just stagger out to my car. I had parked under a tree, and I sat down on the curb there and puked some more. At this point, one of the moms was blowing my phone up (which I couldn't hear because of my gagging). I text her to tell her that I was having a little emergency, and could she please get the kids warmed up. I decide to get in the car to regroup. At this point, a lot of irrational, but not totally crazy thinking was going, and I somehow convinced myself that I was pregnant. Hey, bet you didn't think this post was going THERE, huh? I've already crossed the TMI line, but to keep this post somewhat discreet, I'll just say that it's going to be a possibility from now until I actually have a kid (or doctors tell me I can't). Back to the car. So, I puke twice more until I'm dry heaving, and then I start feeling better. I turn the AC on really cold and lie down for a minute. I think I'm decent enough to go back; so I grab my toothpaste, eat a little bit, and head back in. Of course, I looked like a sweaty nasty barf mess at this point, and I was just honest with the parents and told them I wasn't feeling well, and they pretty much left it alone.

So then, since I was pregnant and all, I had to text my two running besties to tell them. LOL. We went through about 6 somewhat irrational and rational texts, until finally I had to go back to actually COACHING, lol. I'm so excited to get home and take a test that I can hardly stand it. (Like, really. Who does this? I seriously need some coaching on how to think rationally.) Last event has finally arrived and one of the sprinters has this dramatic Pulling of the Hammy episode. Ugh. It's pouring down rain still, and the poor kid is writhing in pain. The trainers are tending to him, and I'm holding the umbrella like a useless nincompoop. The whole ordeal causes us an extra hour until leaving, and unfortunately, it seems that he really messed himself up. And then, I can hardly stay awake on the ride home. I have to stop for a power nap. (See? More proof of pregnancy!) AND THEN, once I got so close to home, the stupid beach traffic was backed up to kingdom come, causing me to have to take the long way. Gggrrrr.

And... I'm NOT pregnant.

So, in the matter of 24 hours, I went from Cloud Nine Coach of the Year to Baby-less Head in the Trashcan Coach.

BUT... I'm still getting married, and I just got a pair of new Launches in the mail. Woot woot! Here's to tomorrow...


  1. Give it two weeks and take another test! You never know! My Friend swore up and down she was pregnant, took a test - it was negative- went to the doctor- they told her she was crazy. 10 days later..totally pregnant! you never know! Loved the post, very entertaining! - Megg

  2. You're cracking me up! Puking aside, your kids are doing great. Really, really great! So congrats, you ARE coach of the year, pregnant or puking or whatever aside ;-)

  3. Oh I love you! You crack me up! I totally had a stomach bug last week and by noon of the first day, I was CONVINCED that I was pregnant. And we are definitely NOT trying. So I made P buy a pregnancy test because the anxiety about possibly being pregnant was freaking me out.

    So glad I'm not hte only woman who gets nauseous and thinks "hm, must be pregnant!" If you find a class on how to think rationally, sign me up!

  4. What is wrong with being PREGNANT? when I throw up like that I know I'm not pregnant, and that beause I'm drunk (and a man!!!)

    But we will all wait and what you write next week, and hope you will be running like a machine again...

  5. That actually sounds pretty serious that you just suddenly got so sick. Did you ever figure out what was really wrong? Has that happened to you before. I'm concerned. Amazed that you still managed to pull of being a coach that day!