April 28, 2013

PR- Proposal Report! And some other tidbits about life and training...

To say that I've been ready to get married in the biggest understatement in human history. However, it seemed as though my boyfriend was NOT on the same page, despite us being together for 3 years. I will cut to the juicy part.

Last Sunday, Keith did a trail race down by the bay. It's a race that he and I have done for the past 3 years, but I'm focusing on training more than racing these past few weeks; so I went to support. Plus, they have an awesome crawfish boil afterwards. (Yes, I suck the heads, as do all true Southerners.) Before the race, he wanted to take a walk on the docks by the water. I thought this was a little weird, but whatever, we went. We're walking around looking at the boats and the water, chatting. He starts saying some REALLY sweet things, asking me if I know how much I mean to him and how much he loves me, etc. My brain starts spinning. I am pretty sure he doesn't have a ring on him, since he is wearing his running clothes and I had been with him the entire time he got his packet and put his bib on. BUT... this is REALLY good stuff he's saying, definite proposal material. Then I'm thinking maybe he is going to do it, but doesn't have a ring. I mean, he just told me that we are going to be together FOREVER. That's like a proposal, right??????? Then just like that, he says, "I better head to the start line." We give each other a quick good-bye kiss, and off we go.

The race ends. We eat our crawfish, chat with friends, and head home. On the way, we pick up some sushi and salads for later. (The crawfish had been lunch; we're not total pigs.) We get home, I'm milling around doing some cleaning up, etc, feeling actually kind of sorry for myself. I was kind of wondering WTH was going on with that little speech at the dock, and if that was his nice way of saying we were going to be locked in unity in Forever Dating. Later, I walk outside to get him and he's sitting there with the ring out, and asks me to marry him! Obviously, I said YES! We haven't set a date yet, but I would really like to get married THIS summer or early fall. I know that's crazy fast, but we both want a small and simple wedding. I know that once schools starts again, things will be crazy.

And there you have it! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!!

In the training department, things are moving all. I'd be lying if I said it was easy, but I've been able to hit most of the paces and workouts Coach has given me. My interval lengths have gotten longer and appropriately slower, and my tempos are beefing up, too. I've learned this cycle, that I like my intervals very short or very long, none of that mid-distance 1K or 1200 crap. I enjoy 400s and 1.5+ intervals, but dislike the in-betweens. Weird, I know.

We haven't set any specific goals for San Diego yet. So far, I just want to run a strong race. Mentally, I don't think I'm ready to commit to Sub 3 as a goal yet. I feel that I don't really have the racing proof to back it up yet. Right now I'm taking the training one day at a time and my recent mantra to get through those tough workouts has been "Run the mile you are in." I'm not a huge Ryan Hall fan, but I do love that quote.

And... in other life related notes. Most of you know that I teach an inclusion 5th grade class, meaning half the class is special needs. I have students ranging from MR to gifted all in one class. Needless to say, this year has been a big challenge for me. I could write an entire post about what I've learned this year in my job, and how I've grown as a teacher and person. It has been HARD, but very rewarding. However, because of the nature of my position, I the possibility is there for me to lose my job. Our county is making significant changes in the area of special education and my entire class will possibly be done away with. Another possibility is that they will declare this class of kids "grandfathered in" to mainstreaming, and I actually move up with them. Meaning, I would teach the same group of students next year (plus or minus a few of the "regular education" students). I am very worried, but I feel confident that my resume is strong. I will be employed some way or somehow next year!

In other positive news, I got re-hired to coach the youth summer track team, WINGS, again. We have our organizational meeting mid-May and will start shortly afterwards.

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Congratulations on your engagement! Nothing wrong with a short engagement and small wedding: in fact, I prefer that. Happy for you!

  2. I am SO freaking happy for you guys!! Congratulations!!

    And I am also mad at you for writing an engagement post and not including any pictures! ;) C'mon...sappy engagement pics for those of us who love that kind of stuff! :)

  3. Congrats! That's awesome.

  4. As Ashley said, we need some photos :) So happy for you, I can't wait to see pictures of you as a beautiful bride!

  5. Best Wishes to you! I am so happy you are engaged! :)

    Three years is fast. [You know not everything you do has to be sub-3 ;) LOL.] I couldn't resist.

    Sidney and I were together about 9 years before we got engaged and eventually married and even that was a hilarious experience. Small is awesome. We eloped after a 10k in Asheville, NC. We had fun so much fun. (Except breaking the news later to everyone... that was ordeal! )

  6. SO excited for you!!!! You deserve every happiness in life, and the fiance was smart to get things moving. :) Have so much fun planning!! Our wedding was fast and small too. The best kind!!

    Good luck with the training and with the job. Hugs!

  7. Fantastic, Now listen to SupermomE12 fast and small is the best. have a ball the party is all about you!!! I hope inbetween the running we will hear all about the plans.

    Now get into shape and run that sub 3!!!

  8. PR? That's cute:) I think this one surpasses all the others!!

    Looking forward to watching things take shape!! Love you both!

  9. I was sooo excited when I saw your FB status update about this. You deserve this, and a husband who truly honors you and respects you. Congrats!

  10. Congratulations! So happy for you!

    We definitely have to celebrate in San Diego. ;-)

  11. I am SO VERY happy for you!!!! Congrats!!

    We were only engaged for about 4 months and I WISH we had a small wedding. :) That would have been a lot less stressful.

    Maybe you can get a white racing skirt and top from Brooks and he can get a racing tux and you all can get married during the SD race :) That would make some good PR and should earn some PME. haha! The the "reception" could be the finish line snacks....and you would be in a great place for a honeymoon!
    Just call me the wedding coordinator :D


    more seriously, I hope you have a job next year!! They would be crazy to lose you.

  12. Also, sorry to send out false hope. I wrote the review a while ago, but just posted it now. I wore the shoes in Jan-feb and once in April. Still not running, but making an appointment tomorrow to see someone.

  13. "locked in unity in Forever Dating" LOL! Sounds so virginal, so glad that wasn't the case. Congratulations, dear Rebecca (and Keith!). I'm so incredibly happy for you, you deserve a life of for-always romance and now you have it. Kisses! xo

  14. Anonymous5/03/2013

    Yay! I'm so excited for you Rebecca! May you both have all the happiness in the world. :)

  15. BIG congratulations on your engagement!!

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  17. Congratulations on your engagement! =)