December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

I LOVEEEE the feeling of hard training. Sam and I recently had a discussion about the possibility of loving the training more the race. We even went on to say that we sometimes train to train and not train to race. Things that make us go "hhmmmmmm."

This has been a cold, but good week of training so far. Staying at my parents house in KY always gives me the torture challenge of running hills, lots and lots of steep hills. I have a semi-long run (12 miles) that I am always excited to do, but it is so taxing that I usually only do it once a visit. It starts from their house and runs DOWN for nearly 3 miles to the Ohio River. I then run along the river for 6 miles before heading back up towards their home. The hill is beyond bad. In fact, it's the steepest thing I've ever run. I hate it, but I love it. The soreness is equivalent to one hundred lunges. The beauty of the river on a cold winter day is breathtaking. So, as I was running UP The Hill From Hell, I noticed a cyclist behind me. I've actually ridden my bike up that hill, and I'm pretty sure the effort on a bike is close to the effort on foot. The cyclist was a man in a yellow jacket, and I knew that I did NOT want him to catch me. (See, I'm psychotic like that, not wanting a person on wheels to catch me... for no reason at all... on Christmas Day...) I could see the top of the hill finally, and knew that once I got there, I would make a left turn and be only a half mile from my parents' house. He was gaining on me, though! I was chugging along, determined NOT to let that guy catch me, and I finally reached the top, but had to hit hands on knees at the subdivision entrance. I looked back down at what I had just accomplished, and I'll be darned if he wasn't about to turn left! So, off I go, chugging again towards my parents' house. And then the strange man whistled and said, "Looking good!"

That voice. So familiar. And it was like a sweet flashback dream. Was I imagining this? It was my dad!!!! My dad, on a bike, riding next to me while I ran. I laughed, and for the next half mile, it was just like old times. Him riding, me running, talking about basically nothing, but sharing much more than space. We got to the house and I stopped at the paper box like I've always done. And when I glanced at my dad he was crying. For the first time since his accident, we talked about his accident. The conversation was less than 10 minutes, him mostly talking and me mostly listening. What I will remember the most is that my dad said that I inspired him. Me. He said after the accident he swore he would never get on the bike again, even resented other cyclists. He said that thought of me, and how I always keep working. He told me that I am tough, and how proud I always make him. Then we scheduled another run/bike date...

Wednesday the weather was terrible, and I did a speed workout on the treadmill. Nothing like 0.75 mile repeats at 10.0 on the hamster wheel to make me suffer. I then did my 5th weight/toning workout of this training cycle. This morning was back to the hills with a speedy group of ladies (all training for Sub 3) around one of the city parks. And OUCH was it cold. I say "ouch" because it's the kind of cold that makes you feel like your limbs are going to break off. And... I don't own any long tights; so I wear compression socks with capris. I'm a fashion diva, what can I say? LOL.

The soreness/fatigue feels GOOD. What feels even better is the warmth of family, yummy snacks, and sweet glasses of wine with my mama. Tomorrow I will head back south and meet TP for a little weekend getaway. We're running the Round the Bay Relay. (COACH, no worries! My leg is only 5 miles and will be at tempo pace!) Lots of running buddies will be there, and I am really looking forward to it.

Side note/funny story... Keith gave me a fancy black box with Ultra Diamonds on the side of it for Christmas. Hahah, can you imagine me sitting there with shaking hands and a fluttering heart? Sadly, no engagement ring, but I did get a beautiful pair of earrings.  Maybe there's hope for me yet! :)

Merry Christmas, y'all!


  1. Gosh I love reading your blog. Again, you have me in tears. From laughing to tears to laughing again. You inspire me your spunk and spirit. And I couldn't agree more about the training being the part I love more than the race. It is such a great feeling...and a great way to keep me driven in every other area of my life. Leaves me satisfied. Even if no PR comes from the is the with so many things in life. So glad you had a special moment with your dad. Enjoy the rest of your break Rebecca.

  2. I'm with Amanda! I went from chuckling at the visual of you trying to outrun the cyclist (yes, we've ALL done that!) to tears at the special experience you shared with your dad.

    I used to run a ridiculous hill run w/ my friend Meaghan. We dubbed it the Hell Hill. No more words needed, right?

  3. Loved this post. What a great run to experience with your dad.

  4. I'm with you on the training to train. You get all the benefits of feeling strong, improving, and hanging out with your friends without the arbitrary evaluation at the end.

    Wow... Hearing about the moment with your dad makes my heart happy.

  5. Oh, your dad sounds way beyond cool. I love my dad so much, I can imagine the bond you two have. How wonderful that you were able to have the "competition" today.

    And to have 2 other ladies to run with at that clip on a snowy winter run, what a treat :) Even if you were a bit frosty...I bet it was totally worth it!

    About the little black box. What a tease!! I hope the anticipated thing is on the way for you soon. You are worth it!!

  6. Anonymous12/28/2012

    Awesome post girl! Loved the surprise!

  7. I love this post and the YOU that shines through it in so many different ways. Your drive, competitiveness, toughness, tenderness, love, hope, style(!!), and heart. Can't wait to run with you some day. Hugs my friend!

  8. Merry Christmas! I have done the compression socks with capris thing. . . works great. Those workouts sound tough, but very rewarding. Wishing you the best life has to offer in 2013.