November 29, 2012

And Time Rolls On...

It's been awhile since my last post. Life is GOOD! I recovered from P'cola (where I was a pace leader) and have had some decent runs lately. I've had two track sessions, and both proved that I haven't lost *too* much fitness since Milwaukee. While I hit the same paces as I did this past fall/summer, I have to remind myself how much easier it is to run in this cooler weather than it was a few months ago.

I had a nice set of 1000s last week, all below 6 minute pace, and this week 400s with an average of 1:25. I also ran a Turkey Day Fun Run as a workout, averaging 6:24 for 10K. Sam and I have been running some decent mileage together, and I'm  looking forward to increasing my mileage even more in the next few weeks and throughout this next training cycle.

Coach finally agreed to let me bump up- YIPPEEEE!!!!!! This leads me to my next Run Happy fact...

Coach and I were chitchatting a few days before Thanksgiving about my future goal races, workouts, etc, when we got around to an upcoming ultra in Texas. To make a long story short, we decided that I should run it! Yep, I decided one week ago that I would do an ultra THIS SATURDAY! Good thing I've been sneaking those long runs. (Ooopsies, Coach!) Even better is that I get to stay with bestie, Adrienne, and see my Woodlands buddies. I not racing-racing this, but with that being said, I do have some very loose goals for the race. A PR would be nice, but no guarantees since terrain and elevation is always a huge factor in trail races. A win would also be nice, but once again, can't control the competition. More importantly, I just want to have fun out there and run strong. I've had so much more rest that usual now that XC is over that my energy is great. (Not rest like inactivity, but rest like sleeping at night.)

A bummer of a note is that I won't be able to run one of my favorite races this year, The Holiday Half. It's a local race, but super fast (if the wind off the bay behaves). It's where I nearly PRed last year by accident. Haha! All my local running buddies run it, and they have a cute little after party. Instead of racing that morning, I will be riding on a float with a bunch of children in a parade. Oh yes, I know you are jealous. Um, I'm also wearing a Sugar Plum Fairy outfit... Sigh, the life of an elementary teacher.

Mostly, it just feels good to be back in training.

I also want to follow up on something I blogged about previously. The student that attacked me on the school bus has been moved to a new school with a program that will better meet his needs. It sounds so selfish to say that I'm thankful, but I am. I also believe that this new placement will allow him to receive a better education than I was giving him. He will have better trained teachers and counselors, along with an entire curriculum for students with his disabilities. He will now receive education in communication skills and special behavior management, something we do not have at my school. It's a win-win.

So... I'll check back in after the Ultra. Woot woot! Run Happy, friends!


  1. You sound so positive and upbeat! That's awesome that you have an ultra so soon. And don't underestimate those fantastic track workouts! You're definitely on the right "track:. :-)

  2. Yay, surprise ultra!! Have so much fun at the race this weekend! Good luk!

    You sound so happy and I am so happy for you :) HAve fun at the parade...that sounds like a blast.

  3. Have fun at the ultra and GOOD LUCK! I look forward to hearing about it.

    By the way, glad to hear about the student.

  4. So you had a nice set of 1000's, just how big was the set? and then this Ultra, is it 27miles or 50 miles? give us a clue?

    Then yes go and have fun out there!!!

  5. I love how cheerful you sound. Have SO MUCH FUN with A this weekend and enjoy the ultra. I am cheering for you! Hugs!

  6. Hilarious that you have been sneaking in long runs for an Ultra. :) !

    And nice FAST 10k and 1000's. Such a speedster, regardless of distance.

    Thanks for the update on your student too. It sounds like he is in a better situation- and that you are safer.