September 9, 2012

And Sometimes It IS Unicorns and Cotton Candy

In my last post, I said that "it's not always unicorns and cotton candy." Well, this week proved to be so much better. I can't take full credit for it, though. My next door neighbor at school and I are pretty close friends. We had a chat on Tuesday about some school drama that was going on. We both agreed that we were totally over the negativity that the faculty picked up recently. I had felt so crappy about my recent running, and had secretly thought about bailing on the marathon next month. *Side note- I know that is TOTALLY ridiculous now, but I was feeling majorly overwhelmed and exhausted.

Instead, I did some soul searching and decided that the best bet was for me to ban negative thoughts in ALL areas of my life, or at least attempt to. I also committed to getting myself out the door to run as much as possible and to suck up any fatigue I was feeling. The results were pretty incredible. I won't say it's my strongest week ever, but I definitely felt very good for this late in a training cycle. Here's a summary of my week:

*97.5 miles
*I did my LR on Monday, meaning Speed Tuesday became Speed Wednesday. Wed. night I had a PTO meeting that didn't end until late. When I went to the track, the sensor light didn't come on and I couldn't see! I had to bail on that. So, Thursday I went to the usual rubber track, but they had a football game. So... I hit up the municipal park loop that is 800m. I was able to hit 8 of them in a range of 2:56-2:48. BAM!
*Saturday I ran one of our club's Grand Prix races, a 5K. The race is on the water. Read: windy, hot, and humid. We didn't start until 8:15 when it was already 85*. Not to mention the wind and humidity. I decided early on to make this a tempo run. I ended up winning without even trying with a lame time of 19:45. Whatever.
*The good thing is that since I didn't "race" it, I was able to run a pretty strong 22 miler today. It was my fastest LR of the training cycle, beside the Brit workout from 2 weeks ago.

I'm finally back to looking forward to the marathon. I know there are no guarantees in a marathon, but I feel strong and ready to tackle whatever I am faced with. For the next few weeks, I am committed to attempting to get more sleep and eat healthy, filling foods.

I will leave you with a few funnies from my special needs students.
(During lunch when orange slices were served) "I don't know why the lunch ladies put these seeds in these oranges."

"For some reason, I don't look like my step mom at all."

"Ms. M, you're the prettiest and sweetest lady I've ever met."

Run Happy, friends!


  1. It's good to have those kids comments here so that in March you can re-read all of them :) I like the plot of the lunch ladies the best. haha.

    Krikey you are doing well! Nice work on the 800's. And on winning the 5k in 85F. I might have just bought a snow cone and watched from the sidelines for that one :) Glad you didn't bail on your marathon plans. Wouldn't want to waste all that hard work!

  2. "I ended up winning without even trying with a lame time of 19:45. Whatever."

    This just made me laugh out loud. Lame time? Winning? That sounds so awesome and so not "whatever" to me! ;) Congrats!!

    So glad to hear that you had a good week. You definitely deserved one! Hooray for unicorns and candy...just need that magic to show up on race day.

  3. Happy to hear you are in a better spot and looking forward to the marathon. I think it's natural to feel the way you had been previously, but it's good you moved past it!

  4. I think you are about to catch the unicorn. Just grab it's horn and not it's tail-I don't think they like that too much! LOL

    In all seriousness-I am so happy that you're "peaking" emotionally at just the right time. That and getting more sleep. You + rest + happy = monster!

  5. YAY for unicorns!! I knew you would find them again. :)

    I am excited for your race! I think you are going to surprise yourself. I love your happy, positive, and determined spirit. That is how I try to live and I love like-minded souls. :)

    And love the quotes from the kids. Keep up the awesomeness!