June 30, 2012

Helping me Run Happy

I've been of bummed out lately, nothing major. I've just been on the fence of buying a condo/renting a new place, and it has kind of bogged me down. While I love my parents with my whole heart, I wish they would've sat me down as an 18 year-old and told me that if I went into the teaching profession I would have to save my pennies month by month to finally, maybe finally to afford a two bedroom shack of my own. In regards to my running (in summary), I have been ROCKING my workouts, but bombing races. Meh. I actually had a blog post half written about that, but I re-read it and realized it sounded way too dramatic for how I was actually feeling. Possibly a topic for next week when I have cooled off a bit. So... I decided to post something sort of fun about my favorite running products and accessories. Here we go!
I have a bazillions pairs of Brooks shoes, but these are current favorites- Pure Connects and Ravenna 3s. I wear the Connects for tempos, sometimes track, and sometimes races. The Ravennas are my go-to shoe for any training run, but I especially love them for long runs. I actually have 2 of the featured visor, the white one shown, and a baby blue one. They are super light and work well as a sweatband in the sweltering Gulf Coast heat/humidity.
When the shoes come back wet and sweaty, as they always do in the summer months, these things are AWESOME! They are called Stuffitts- cedar filled "feet" that absorb odor and wetness from shoes. I have no idea where to get them; I won them at a race last year.

Well, after 19 years, I finally ran shirt-less. I haven't gotten the courage to race shirt-less, but I have done 2 long runs without shirts, and they felt SOOOO good! To the left is my favorite LR outfit- bra top and shorts from the Brooks Versatile collection.
Here is my collection of Girl in Motion headbands. They come in a variety of colors and last FOREVER. They come in 2 different width, too. The good news is that they are cheaper than many competitor headbands, and I know the maker/founder of these bands, and she is an absolute DOLL.
On the left is the best deo made- Secret Clinical. It's the only thing that keeps me stink-free after a day of teaching and coaching. And trust me- I sweat! On the right, is what cures my white girl's afro after a run. My hair becomes and absolute rat's nest . It's so bad that if I don't have my spray I have to use regular conditioner, like the kind you use in the shower. This is basicaly the same stuff as Johnson's and Johnson's No More Tears, but CVS and cheaper.
 I really love the Camelbak handheld bottle. I've had more success with it than the Nathan brand b/c it has a spill-proof top that keeps idiots like me from wasting their water on the run. The pocket on the side of the holder is perfect for gels. I often carry two gels (one for me and one for Sam, my training partner). On the right is my confession- I love beer. Oops, should a Sweet Southern Belle Schoolteacher admit that? Well, I do. I'm not a drunk or anything, but I sure do appreciate a cold one after a nightly run. I go through phases of what kinds I like, but currently I'm into fruit-flavored wheat beers like Shocktop Raspberry and SweetWater Blue.

This is my Runner Girl medal hanger. It's very clever and cute, perfect for a small hallway or office. I don't have all my medals on it. A few years ago, I donated the  majority of my medals to Medals 4 Mettle.
This is actually not mine. I don't save my race bibs. There are too many, and I don't ever tie sentimental value to them. TP was saving all of his in a shoebox, and I bought this for him for Christmas. He's nearly filled it in a year. Another cute, little goody, perfect for a hallway or office.
Well, that's all for now! Run Happy, friends! 


  1. Ah! SO fun seeing all of your gear here! The headbands look cool. I usually wear a hat, but in summer, I don't necessarily need it and one would be fun to sport.
    I JUST got the pure connects in teh new yellow/green color and i am SO excited to try them out. The arch area feels fantastic on me.
    That little bottle cozy is a favorite of my kids...not sure why.
    Thanks for sharing your stuff :) !

  2. Rebecca M.: a woman of taste!

    I'll take two of everything!! LOL...I did just get pair #2 of Ravennas-they feel even better right outta the box!

    Way to dress the Shock Top;)

  3. Rebecca, you huge darling of a gal, thank you for the plug, what an exceptionally sweet surprise. Also, I love that you're running sans shirt a bit some, that outfit is adorable and goodness knows you have the body to rock the sports bra.

    As per the first part of your post, my sympathies are so with you, money stuff is the worst, it makes such big decisions all the more difficult, sometimes impossible. I hope you find a new living situation that is not only a beautiful place to call home but also doesn't break the bank.

    Lastly, hugs for the racing hiccups. Looking forward to your post expanding on it, not for the fact of it, but because those inner dialogues we have about running and overcoming hitches in the road are the real deal and the stuff we all learn from. But whatever's going on, I know this is just a small bump in the road because babe, you rock. xo

  4. What a fun post! OMG- you should totally race in just a sports bra. Very liberating. I'm sure you have an incredible body, but that doesn't even matter because you pretty much win any race you win! Thanks for the deodorant tip. I've never really been able to tell which ones work and don't. I can't smell my own sweat!

  5. I miss your face;)! Ok first of all buying a house is worth every penny you save to put into it, just be smart, and you are, so ok! Second of all, running in a sports bra is on my bucket list, and yes you can def rock it. Oh and I need to try one of those headbands out, I haven't found any I can use while running ;)

  6. Fun post! I still haven't worked up the courage to go shirtless for a long run, but I bet it is comfortable!

    And thanks for including those headbands, I've always bought ones from Lululemon that aren't near as cute.

  7. Laurie S.7/08/2012

    LoVed this blog!

  8. I haven't run with a shirt on is 20 years...