February 1, 2012

12 Things About me

Since I don't really have anything to blog about right now, I'll answer a few questions posted on another cool runner blog, See Mom Run Far. I thought it was a cute idea.

1. What is your maiden name (girls), nickname (now or from your youth), embarrassing middle name, or something special/unusual about your name?
Well, my maiden name IS my name, being that I am not married, and I would rather eat a pile of dog doo than keep my ex's name. As a kid, I had the nickname "Becs" or "Bec." My mom and Nana always called me "Becca Boo" and when I got older it was shortened to "Boo." My Papa, who passed in 2006, called my mom and my aunt "Princess", therefore I was "Little Princess." And... at my old school, my coworkers called me "Sunshine." I LOVE nicknames!

2. What is your favorite animal?
I love cats. I could write an entire blog post about how much I love my cat. I'm honestly going to need therapy when she passes away. I am that attached. She sleeps on my head, and she also loves to be held on my hip like a baby. :)

3. Do you like being alone?
There is only one time of day when I LOVE to be alone, and that is at 3:05. Ding, ding, ding- that's when the bell rings for school to be dismissed. I seriously need at LEAST 5 minutes to just sit and chill before doing ANYTHING else. It's like my brain is on sensory overload from a wild day teaching preteens. I've been known to go into meetings right after school and be in a total daze. I just *have* to have a few minutes. I don't mind being alone other times, but in general, I am a very social person.

4. What is a quality about yourself that you like?
I like the fact that I am a hard worker. You guys only read about the running side of me, but I also work very hard at my job. To me, that is one of the very few factors someone can use to partially control their future. Working hard makes me feel good. Numerous bosses and coworkers have also confirmed this about me, too.

5. What is something that drives you crazy?
Whiney Baby Complainers. Whiney Baby Complainers also make excuses that drive me crazy. This is a tough one, too, because it's easy to get sucked into a Whiney Baby Complainer attitude. For example, one person starts complaining about things that went wrong in their day, then person 2 joins in, and pretty soon you are at a party hosted by Negative Nancy. Bleh. In the running world, I can't stand it when people make excuses for not running. Like, "oh, I only slept 9 hours instead of 12 last night and I am tired." Wah wah wah, just say you didn't feel like running and move on.

6. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Well, I am one of the few blessed people that is actually doing what I wanted to do- be a teacher. Granted, I am pretty sure I enjoy teaching younger children better than these preteen hormonal deamons darlings, but I still love being a teacher.

7. Are you a night owl or morning person?
Totally a morning person. I can't stay awake at night, and I love to do my runs in the morning. If I had my perfect hours, I would go to sleep at 8, and wake up at 4.

8. What is a personality trait you would change, if you could?
I used to not be this way, but over the past few years, I have turned into a jealous person. Honestly, I am so jealous of that 30-something married mom with a few kids that I can't stand it. Seriously, if I'm shopping (or anywhere), I always notice these women, the ones with wedding bands and baby strollers, and I think how awesome it must be to be them. THAT would make my life complete. I struggle on a daily basis with believing that God has a set plan for me, and whatever that plan is, it is good.

9. Favorite flavor?
Um, chocolate? Duh.

10. What is a game you are terrible at?
I am terrible at video games. I also don't particularly enjoy them.

11. Do you belong to a running club? Do you belong to any other clubs?
Yes, since moving, I belong to a running club called Port City Pacers. Within that club, we have a smaller "team" called Spiridon. Port City Pacers has a bazillion members, but Spiridon is pretty much the small core of people I run with a few times a week. You can read previous posts to learn about that.

12. Giants or Pats?
I hate football.


  1. Haha, I'm with you on the whiners. I would respect people more if they just said they didn't LIKE to run. I don't need to hear a litany of excuses. Just tell me you don't like it. It's ok to not want to do something...but have the gumption to admit it!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I like the comment about the cat and would love to read about your cat. :D

  3. Oh, Ivy! The coolest and largest cat I know:)

    Morning people are of a superior species-I know this cuz I am one too-just sayin!

  4. Dang! You've done this too? I am not going to be able to tag anyone!
    I really like your #5...and these days I am with your #7.

  5. Nice to get to know you better from a non-running perspective. You strike me as someone who would be an amazing teacher.