January 23, 2012

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Bail out now, men! Seriously, this post does not concern you at all.

Thursday, I had four shots in the privates! Yipppeeeeee! It was bad, really bad. I even cried. Thursday morning was my surgery to remove the 5 (!!!????) cysts. One had to be cut out, and the other 4 were able to be lasered. The doctor told me that I might have up to 8 stiches, but luckily, I only have 3, 2 inside and 1 out. That wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that I was told not to run for a "few days." Now, ladies, what does "a few" mean in a marathon runner? I interpreted that to mean 2 days. Thankfully, I was able to run pain free, in a running skirt. (I can't wear shorts with the standard lining b/c it falls right on the "areas.")

Now, I wait. The doctor told me that I might get a call on Saturday about biopsy results, but probably expect it on Monday or Tuesday. I checked my phone every free moment today, in hopes that she had called, but nada. Sigh... I am so impatient. On to other topics, I suppose.

I made up a plan to get me through to the Woodlands starting line. I'm pretty proud of myself, too. I used some of my own judgement for the weekly mileage goals, then plugged in some Pfitz workouts from the "between marathons" plan. I'm pleased with how recovered my legs feel at the moment, but I will be patient and hold off on speed stuff until next week. I'm also working like crazy on flexibility, trying to prevent the hamstring tie up from returning.

TP and I also have some really fun races coming up- the Pensacola Double Bridge Run and the Joe Cain Mardi Gras 5K. Being that the sole purpose of the next few weeks is to recover and recharge, I will run both of these races without time goals. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to beat my previous time on the bridge run, though. It's a super tough race, but by far the prettiest in Pensacola. Also, the post-race party is pretty awesome, AND I got comp entry this year, thanks to TP's work! Whoohooo!

The Joe Cain Mardi Gras 5K runs in downtown Mobile, and finishes just in time for the parade of Joe Cain's wives. *Sidenote- did you know that original Mardi Gras took place in Mobile, Alabama, NOT New Orleans? Yep, and Mobile really knows how to do it! We even get off school for Fat Tuesday!

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Oh man, I would have cried too! I don't like shots in my ARM! (((hugs))) I'm praying for good news for you soon.

    Sounds like you have some fun races lined up in the future. Enjoy them!

  2. Oh man! I hope you get good news soon!!!

  3. Make sure it's a Brooks skirt and not a Danskin one!! ;) Dr.'s should know to be very specific with runners-"a few days" could mean anything!

    Keep healing, and I'm waiting and praying along with you.

  4. Owee on those shots! Glad to hear that was taken care of, hope you hear soon and it's only great news. Fun races ahead, glad to hear you've got a plan already in place. Like I'd expect anything less from a primo runner like you! :)

  5. So...shots & cutting & stitches are no fun. You are a toughie, but I am sure that really hurt bad. Still praying that the biopsies are benign.

    Racing again already! So FUN. I have a bit of envy. I need to find something around here... :)

    Enjoy the celebrations!!