December 4, 2011

Magic Socks

I never pass up an opportunity to be festive! Which is why I was really sad that I couldn't find my candy cane leg warmers from last year. I had to settle with some Christmas dress socks. Hey, they looked GREAT with my Brooks Pure Connects! The occasion you ask? Holiday Dash 5K.

I decided to warm up at home, being that the race was only 20 minutes from my apartment. I have been doing this some lately for races, and I really like it! I did an easy 4, and we left for the race immediately after. TP hurt his back a few days ago, and had to miss the race. I was really sad for him b/c he's been working really hard to break 18, and this seemed like the perfect course and weather for it. I had my eye on Sub 19, knowing that the course would be near perfect- flat with only 4 turns.

Even though this race was small, I didn't start in the front run. I just simply get tired of trying to push through people that have no clue about racing. I'd rather just run them down in the first few meters of the race. My friend and racing buddy, Tracey (a guy) was there, along with a really fast high school girl from the area that went to Foot Locker this year. We set off, and I settled in at about 5th place. Tracey and two other guys were in front of me, along with Foot Locker girl. They were doing Sub 6 pace, but I wanted to control myself out of the box with hopes of Sub 19. The win was not important.

Mile 1: 6:04
And then a dog ran out. Tracey screamed some obscenities and put his arm out to kind of protect me from behind. Luckily, the owners were outside watching the race, and called the dog back immediately. (It obeyed.) I passed Tracey and one of the other guys, moving into 3rd place. I caught up to the other guy and gal, all of us running strong for the lead.

Mile 2: 6:05
Right here, I made the decision that I COULD in fact do this, and that I would just gut it out no matter what. I spent the majority of this mile looking at the Garmin, hoping for Sub 19. In the process, I passed the other two, putting myself in the overall lead. I really didn't care at this point if anyone passed me back. I had a goal to meet! At 2.65, I promised to not look at the Garmin anymore and to just run as hard as I could to the finish. We had made the final turn.

Mile 3: 6:05
I held the lead for first OVERALL person, beating men and women.

0.11: 36 seconds

Final time: 18:50
13 second PR
1st Overall

Something that has happened to me at the past two races is that I go out for my cool down and by the time I get back they are out of everything to eat and drink! Crazy! This post-race party had NO water cups left, or bottled Gatorade. I did find a granola bar. Along with my trophy, I did receive a $50 Walmart gift card. Who can't use that?

I had a strong LR this morning, too. I ran 22 miles at 7:40 pace, putting me at 83 for the week.

Run Happy, friends!


  1. Congratulations!!! Fantastic PR and way to show that high school chippy.

  2. Congratulations!! You deserve it!! After this, 6:50 should feel like a walk ;) Cannot wait to read your next race report about a successful marathon!!

  3. Way to go! What's up with you and dogs, though?

  4. "Right here, I made the decision that I COULD in fact do this".

    There you go, young lady!! Keep thinking those thoughts, keep setting new PRs. The socks are fun, but you did the magic:) Super happy for you!!

  5. Congrats! I love reading about your accomplishments.

  6. HUGE milestone! Sub-19:00!!!! That is awesome. Glad you didn't let that dog in the beginning mess you up. Just when you were thinking you might have hit a plateau--- BAM- huge 5K PR. So happy for you!

  7. Anonymous12/14/2011

    You are a machine! And my hero! Congrats on an amazing race and overall win!