October 2, 2011

"You were born not right."

This morning as I finished my 22 miler at Sub 8 pace, my training partner, Sam informed me that I was born "not right." She was asking about my current state of legs, considering this CRAZY and MASSIVE week I had in training. Here we go...

M: 10 a.m./ 6 p.m.
T: 10 easy
W: 11 easy (planned a double today, but weather was stormy)
T: 14 a.m./ 4 p.m. easy
F: 8 easy
S: 3 warm up, 5K race, 11 cool down (WTH???? ELEVEN)
S: 22 at Sub 8
Total: 102.6 Mileage PR

And a race report...

This race benefited the local education foundation. So, I felt extremely obligated to run it, even though there was a better race only 20 minutes away. The plus side of this race was that it started a mile from my apartment, allowing me to sleep in and run to the start. Also, I knew the course like the back of my hand; so there would be none of that small-race-oh-crap-where-do-I-go business.

Another AWESOME thing is that when I woke up, it was in the 50s!!!! :O I met Sam and we did 2 miles together after my 1 mile there.

The course was basically flat, but one hill at the start of mile 2. A few fasties were running, friends/spouses/relatives of teachers. I tuck in behind 3 fast men, one being Speedy Kenny from our regular group. Sam tucks in, too.

Mile 1: 5:59 A tad fast, but why not push the envelope in this weather?
Mile 2: 6:17 For some reason I am dieing. I am thinking of the mileage and I know Sam is right behind me. I notice that our sniffing from the cold is actually in cadence with each other. Haha.
Mile 3: 6:17 I'm pushing it through, and Sam falls back. I haven't even LOOKED at the Garmin since Mile 1.
0.1: 30 sec (5:40 pace) Kenny is screaming at me that I'm about to break 19. Someone is standing in front of the finish clock; so I have no clue. I'm thinking, "HUH? I crashed..."

Final 19:03, First Overall Female I actually stopped early at exactly 19:00. They had a chute made out of cones, and I stopped at the first first cones. The race actually finished at the 3rd cones. There was a line on the ground, but I wasn't looking down. Oh well.

So... looking at that time... I PRed by 1 second!!! Hahahahha.

This upcoming week, I plan to take a REALLY steep taper in preparation for the Gulf Coast Half (around 50 miles for the week). I am really, really wanting a PR in this race. I've targeted 1:25ish for my goal time. Based on my training, I think this is realistic. I'm looking forward to a steep cutback. I think my body is ready for it. I am very fortunate that I don't feel any aches or pains, but I do feel an overall fatigue, like my body needs a thousand naps. This cutback week should work wonders, I hope.

I finally feel like the mileage and work I'm doing is paying off. I just hope I can hold on and not peak too early. Hopefully, with the 3 week cycles I'm doing, i can prevent overtraining and burnout, too. That's the plan at least.


  1. Great job on the mileage!! Curious...what is an "easy pace" for you? 8:30? 9:00? I'm interested in seeing if I can handle some higher miles for Boston training. I've never really run over 60 miles a week but I'd like to try to do more easy runs and more miles this time around as opposed to the high amounts of tempo, speed and progression runs that I was doing. maybe less key workouts and more miles. I'm new to your blog so forgive me if this is obvious but what plan (if any) are you using?

  2. Great week! And again, congrats on yet another fabulous race. I'm so excited for you, to get a PR after that week? It'll be a trip to see what you can do when better rested. Happy tapering and early Good Luck! One thing you're gonna do is kill it next weekend, that's a given. :)

  3. Hi, Amanda! Thanks for checking out the blog. I am very wary of answering your question about pace, in fear of someone using it as their easy pace. Here's what I've learned about easy pace in regards to high mileage- LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I don't use a watch on my easy pace runs. I know all my routes and their distances. So, I go out and run. I do glance at the clock before I set out and when I get back. When I run with the group, I occasionally ask our pace after the run is over. Some days easy for me is Sub 8, some days that is Sub 9. It's all based on how my body feels.

    My plan is a custom-made plan from Kevin Beck (works with Pete Pfitzinger). It's a 6 x 3-week cycle of mileage that goes 60s, 80s, 100s. The shorter mileage weeks are FULL of speedwork.

    I hope that answered your questions/

  4. 102 miles?! Girl, you are special...and I mean that in a 'totally-in-awe' way.

    Congratulations on your PR!! All the hard work that you've put in is paying off...you deserve it! I think a half PR is in your future too. I can't wait to hear about it!

  5. "Born not right"!? From where I come from, that's a compliment:)

    I am sooo impressed with what you are doing! I had to drop a "my friend did this..." the other day-hope you don't mind!! And @ Amanda-I ditched the Garmin for most of my runs too and it has made a world of difference!

    Your awesome 5k time I think is setting you up very well for when I get to cheer you on towards another PR!

  6. I'm really inspired how you just crank out these 5Ks in the middle of such intense training. You are smart to try not to peak to early and burn out. Good luck in your half! I know you can get a 1:25!

  7. 102 miles in one week! Woman, you are made of steel!!