October 16, 2011

Shrimp Festival 10K

I had a regular training week, and decided to race this as a workout. I did keep the runs easy this week, but more for the reason of my stomach still not being 100%. I have actually toyed with the idea that I might have the roto virus. I had it a few years ago, and the symptoms are quite similar to what I'm experiencing now. I have decided that if things haven't cleared up by Wednesday that I will seek medical advice.

There was a small group of guys, including TP, that started out SUPER fast. I stayed with them for a quarter mile, but then saw that our pace was Sub 6. I immediately dialed it down. The course was pretty good, on part of my half marathon PR course. It was on the State Park trail, mostly flat but a slight downhill during first mile and incline last mile (this part was out-and-back). The course was lollipop shaped- repeating first and last mile, with a loop for miles 2-5.

I could see the lead guys with the cyclist and TP had the lead until Mile 3.

Mile 1: 6:15 The pace is not feeling as comfortable as I would like, so I decided to dial it back.

Mile 2: 6:22

Mile 3: 6:22 I'm really starting to feel it and kind of in No Man's Land. I have no idea where any other females are on the course, but I've had the lead since the start. The trail is not closed to other athletes, but they did have "Race in Progress" signs to warn walkers, runners, and cyclists. I start thinking how amazing it is that I do these races with a couple hundred people, yet always manage to run alone. haha.

Mile 4: 6:21 I pass TP, and 5th place guy. Some volunteers tell me that I'm first female and 5th person overall. The Top 3 are totally out of sight now.

Mile 5: 6:26 This is really starting to stink. I'm just ready to be done. I did appreciate that the local high school XC team was working the water stations and cheering enthusiastically.

Mile 6: 6:26 The last mile is the "stick" of the lollipop, repeating the first mile, but in reverse.

0.26: 1:27 The course was certified, but because of the turns on the trail, I likely over-ran the course.

Final: 39:40 (6:23 pace) First OA Female

Afterwards, I ran the course again to get my daily mileage in. I was wearing my Ipod, and got side-swiped by a cyclist! It didn't knock me down or anything, but I do have some sore ribs in the back today. I usually would be cool about stuff like that, considering I am known for doing ridiculously clumsy things. But the guy didn't even stop! He just turned around and yelled, "Sorry!" When I got near the end of the trail, I did notice a huge pile of dog poo on the ground. It had a very thin tire mark through the middle of it. I like to think karma got the best of this impolite cyclist. Hahaha.

The past few races I've won, I've sort of gotten stiffed in the awards department. This race really pulled through! I got two gift cards- one to Target and another to a popular seafood restaurant in the area. I also got a Shrimp Festival hat and poster! I was really excited to go the Shrimp Festival that afternoon, too. TP and I went down to the beach where he got some delicious seafood! Unfortunately, my stomach was still "iffy" and I couldn't eat any. We had a great day, though.

Here's the week in training, all easy running:

M: 8
T: 8
W: 12
T: 9 a.m./ 8.5 p.m.
F: 8
S: 2 mile w.u/ 10K race/ 6 mile c.d.
S: 22 at 7:58 pace

One more week of high mileage, and then TAPER for Pensacola. I'm not really sure what's going to unfold there. Obviously, I would love to feel good enough to go Sub 3. I will admit that I am showing some signs of overtraining. It's nothing too bad, but I think many runners feel the mileage in their legs (with or without injuries), but I feel other breakdowns- fatigue, headaches, and my stupid stomach...

I'm going to stick to the plan, though. In my original plan, I was using P'cola as a tune-up/dust buster for Houston, the real Sub 3 race. I feel like I've had a fairly strong training cycle, and will probably just give it a go and see how it unfolds. I have plenty of time to recover for Houston, and then The Woodlands marathons.


  1. Another weekend, another 'W'...sigh ;) Way to put in another great workout!

    I'm trying to channel some of your toughness in my own training and so far it's working-don't worry, I'll spill some of the goals here soon....

    Til then, watch out for cyclists and poo!

  2. Nice prizes! Giftcard to Target especially, who couldn't use that? I'm very impressed with you that you suspect you might be on the edge of overtraining and admit it. It's not an easy thing to do, we want to think that we never go over that line. I hope this is just a touch of sickness that'll resolve itself in the next couple days and you can avoid a call to the doc. Good luck!

  3. Way to go on the run! I both run and ride my bike on a bike/pedestrian footpath on campus and it amazes me that I don't see more runner/walker/bike interactions. Glad you weren't hurt too badly. Bike/pedestrian accidents can be really serious.

  4. A shrimp festival!! How fun! Congrats on your win! That's a great time for a "workout."

    I hope your stomach issues clear up. I have battled a stomach thing for years but I keep avoiding the doctor. Not necessarily the wise choice, I'll admit, but I just don't want to deal with a bunch of "it could be thises, it could be thats" not too mention a bunch of tests.

  5. And thankfully my stomach thing is never an issue when I run. Probably the number one reason I haven't gone to a doctor.

  6. Great run!
    That's horrible you got sideswiped!! Yesterday, on the U of A campus, a girl was hit by a cyclist pretty hard. I wish people would watch out when they are on their bikes...glad you are okay!

  7. Geez....that's crazy with the cyclist! We have a lot of what you'd call "transportation riders" around here who have lost drivers licenses for DUI's, and get around town on bikes now, sometimes intoxicated. I have a friend who nearly got plowed by a drunk transportation cyclist on a sidewalk one day! Anyway....glad you didn't get hurt, and nice job on the W as always!

  8. Congrats on yet another fantastic race!!! I can't believe the cyclist didn't even stop. Even though you weren't seriously injured, that is extremely rude of him. I like your plan of attack for the rest of the season.

  9. Congrats again! Love the name of the race.