April 16, 2011

This, That, and the Other

Where have you been, girl? Well- busy. For all maintenance purposes, I will divide this blog into two portions- my running and my athletes running.

Last time I blogged, I don't even think we had had our first meet yet. As far as running goes, our season has been fairly successful. My boys are really coming along as athletes and I can tell the training is paying off. They have had 3 podium placements, including one overall win! In fact, this made school history! The school's track team had never won a track meet before! I had a few schedule alterations this year, too. See, we live in the middle of nowhere, causing us to drive far distances to races. Well, I try to give the kids the experience of racing at a large meet before sectionals and state, but we have to drive to Mobile or Montgomery to do so. Each year, the Mobile schools put tougher and tougher minimums on their events. For my guys, this is no problem, I can pretty much fill the events I need to, and most of them will have the opportunity to compete. For the girls, not so much. That is the driving factor that led me to cancelling our 2nd Mobile meet. I had only 2 runners on the team that could meet the minimums and only 1 thrower! So, I found a smaller meet in Pensacola and we went there instead. Our 2nd schedule change was actually a cancellation by the other school. It was a meet that was supposed to be this week (spring break). We were going to drive to Montgomery to compete against a bunch of schools in our section, like a practice Sectionals meet. Unfortunately, they cancelled the meet b/c they couldn't find officials to work it (likely due to Spring Break). So... we are officially finished with our regular season! We have Sectionals in 2 weeks, then State the week after. Unlike last year, this group of athletes has been a real challenge. I've been fortunate in the aspect that they DO work hard and follow my directions on the track, but...

Well, there are a lot of issues. I mean, A LOT! 2 of my athletes have parole officers. The day of the first meet, I had 2 athletes get arrested at school for drugs. The very next week one of my best sprinters quit b/c she's pregnant. I also had 2 other kids quit b/c their parents made them work every day after school. I had a girl on the team accuse 2 track boys of sexually assaulting her, and thanks to bus videos, we found this was untrue. All the while, I have some of the poorest kids I've ever been around. We stop to eat and very few of them have money. The run in their school clothes and very few have running shoes. Onward we press, though.

Despite these issues, a few things have taken place to make it a good season. I posted a message on FB about needing clothes and shoes. Those starting coming in like crazy from all over the country. Christmas for my kids! I harassed enough people to get sand donated for our jumping pits. One Saturday Coach H and I got all the kids together to dig out all the nasty sand, and put in the new sand. All by wheelbarrows, shovels, and buckets. And... we are SO.STINKIN.CLOSE to having the track fixed! Many of you have probably "heard" about this through FB, but my sweet friend, Adriennce from Brooks ID, rallied her people from The Woodlands, TX to host an all-day running event called Run for the Eagles. I will fly out there for the event. Profits from this will go to our track team! Also, the Blueberry Chase 5K is in full force again. I moved it to Blueberry Festival weekend here, which is when it was originally planned for last year. I had to push it back b/c of my dad's accident. I think this weekend will be better b/c it will be *slightly* cooler, more people will be in town, AND I plan to start an hour earlier. Also, I've already gotten commitments for volunteers to make it even bigger and better! And when the day ends, I have the AD's word that we WILL host meets next year!!!!!!!

Marathon Girl Goes Ultra Crazy
So, I am training for my first ultramarathon. I have chosen a 50K in Birmingham at the end of May. It should be an awesome weekend. TP and I will travel up there together, where he will run the 5K and I will run the 50K. Then we will celebrate his b-day. Training, you ask? I used an old marathon training plan and substituted the LRs w/ a LR progression from an ultra website. Then... to complicate matters more, TP asked me to put together a 5K plan for him. So, using Jack Daniels, I put together THAT plan, which I am doing, too. So, to summarize. I used basic marathon mileage progress for the weeks. LRs from an ultra calendar and speedwork for 5K training. Crazy talk, huh? Good news is that my legs are handling the mileage increase fairly well, but I am slow as Christmas on the speedwork. I know this- it feels so good to be back training hard.

Well, I am also registered for RnR Seattle again, thanks to Brooks ID. See, they are having a high school coaches clinic just outside Seattle the week AFTER the race. How could I pass up running one of my favorite races, visiting my dear friend Marian, and then going to a REALLY cool coaching clinic? I mean, I've never even been to a coaching clinic, unless you count that lame required rules clinic I got to each year.

And... that's a wrap for me. I PROMISE to start blogging regularly again. Things have just been so crazy busy. Plus, I'm in love now, so... that's time consuming, too. :)


  1. So great to read about the track team and your own running/life adventures again! Good luck with the 50K!!

  2. Thanks for the updates R! I was starting to worry about you juggling too many balls - but as always you seem to have it all under control! I am amazed at the adversity your athletes face but are able to rise above and perform at such a high level! I can just hear the smile on your face when you talk about all of the challenges and celebrations in your life! Yeah you!

  3. Yay! Welcome back to the blogsphere, friend!! While the team faces challenges, their coaching is rock solid!

    We're counting down the days until the Race over here:)

  4. Love the photos and the Ultra news, very cool! How much mileage are you going for? And woohoo on the love declaration, wonderful to see it in print!

    Sheesh on your athletes. I'm donating the headbands, forget any moolah changing hands, that was just too much to read about not to. Let me know how many you need, sweetie.

  5. Heck no, FLO! I am buying the girls the bands as a congrats gift for them. Really!!!!

  6. 50K? You go girl. I'd love to run with you someday. (You can run on your hands so I can keep up.) Amazing reading about the challenges with your track team. You are such a gift to those athletes. I hope our paths cross soon -- if you ever find yourself on the west coast, you must visit!

  7. Hey Rebecca! I got your comment on my blog a while back. Thank you! Just thought I would pop over here and say congrats on your 3:01 at wineglass!!! Hope all is well :)

  8. Glad you are back. I miss reading your blog. Don't disappear again like that1 :-)

  9. I found your blog through a fellow Brooks ID blog

    Good luck on your 50k, I did my first half mary on Sunday, I had a blast, but no where near ready for a 50k

  10. Awwww you're in love!!! :) I am so incredibly happy for you!!