February 8, 2011

Double Bridge Run (or really just a single)

So, I was pretty bummed that I couldn't run the Double Bridge Run in P'cola, thanks to the Achilles. It's always one of my favorite races b/c of its uniqueness and beauty. The plan was that I would attend and go out on the course to cheer on TP. But.... I ran Thursday before the race and all things felt GREAT. Friday came and TP had a surprise. His company wanted to "sponsor" both of us, really meaning pay for our race entries. I, of course, said, "No way." After some talking, it was decided that I could run the 5K, but run easy. The 5K started just before the 2nd bridge and finished at the same place as the 15K. So... here we go to Saturday morning.

Can I just say that I am soooo proud of my self control? One thing a lot of us runners are guilty of if jumping back too quickly and reinjuring or halting progress on healing. To force myself into easy pace, I started in the middle of the pack, wore my ipod, and wore regular training shoes, not racers. I also ran sans-watch. So, we were off. Well, really we all just kind of walked together in a huge huddle until the pack cleared, which was actually quite annoying, even if I wasn't racing. I at least wanted to jog. So, I'm jogging along passing some people here and there. I catch up to one of TP's friends who is running the 15K and run w/ him for a little ways. I catch some Mardi Gras beads and hi-five some children.

One thing about coming back from injury, all the beauty of running seems magnified by about 100%. When I crossed the Bob Sikes Bridge...AHHHHH... smooth water, the sun reflecting on some small breakers in the bay. Total beauty. I cross the finish line in 22:XX and I was a little bit surprised, actually. I thought I was running about 8 minute pace, but whatever. This also happened to be good for 2nd OA female and 1st in the AG, winning a very warm monogrammed blanket.

Of course, the after party is the place to be in P'cola Beach. We spent the weekend eating seafood and visiting our favorite P'cola places. Sunday, I was actually really SORE. Not sore from the injury, ankle felt great, but sore from just running. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me to build my fitness back up. All in all, I am just really thankful.

On the track team, our weather has been craptastic! We've had to cancel 3 practices so far and end one early. Soo... for a few weeks, I've decided to hold Saturday practices. The kids were NOT to pleased to hear this, but after discussing our complete need to build fitness, they seemed committed to attending. We'll see!

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  1. WTG! I think Pfitz. would approve;) Keep up the progress!

    All my runs this week are on grass with just a timer set...I may want to start a watchless 5k movement- It's a much more "organic" experience

  2. When does your track season go from? We don't start outdoor practices till March 7th officially! ( then again, I'm up in cold Northeast Ohio!)

    I'm glad you are back to running again!

    Connie (http://runsinthefamily.wordpress.com/)

  3. Wow! Great job! Here's my blog again:


  4. Hah hah! Even when you put the full brakes on, you still win awards. Hilarious. Yay on you having discretion towards your racing and pacing right now, that shows the utmost maturity.

    LOVE the photo, you two are so adorable.

  5. Well done, Rebecca! Sounds like a great weekend!