August 12, 2010

Bushwacker 5K

Where have I been? Let's see... The week after the Blueberry Chase, I was in Montgomery to work on a committee with the State Department of Education. After returning from that, I worked in my classroom nonstop, just in time for the kiddos to return this week! So... back in full swing.

I was able to have a beach trip w/ the girls this past weekend, surround the Bushwacker 5K at Pensacola Beach. This race is always hot and hard, as it includes the bridge going from Gulf Breeze in to P'cola Beach. Of course, you have that great LA/FL heat and humidity in force, August style.

Christy, Katie, and I arrived Friday night, just in time to hit up Hemingway's for dinner. We turned in sort of early, as we were up and at 'em at 5:30 for the race starting at 7:30. We moseyed down to the boardwalk, got out packets, and took the bus to the start.

The race started on a street FAR to narrow for the number of people in attendance. And.. they needed way more portas. I waited in line so long that I was only able to do a one mile warm up.

And we were off. Literally, it was well over 80 degrees and STICKY.
Mile 1- 6:00 started off too fast, not really feeling "IT" with the racing. I think I was first female right out of the box.
Mile 2- 6:30 This is where you run UP, UP, UP the bridge. The.Whole.Darn.Mile. I am still first female.
Mile 3- I determine that I a) have the race in the bag b) hate racing in this soup and really just want to go get in the gulf w/ an adult beverage c) love the fact that 2 people just called me Speedy Anna. 6:10
Mile 3.15- just run straight ahead and get into the chute, cruising on in, not REALLY even caring enough to kick it. 53 sec.
Total for 3.15- 19:33

I did like how they had this sprinkler thing at the finish, along w/ wet towels. I waited for the girls and we went back to the condo to shower and get beach ready.

Not gonna lie, but the rest of the weekend was pretty much one big party. We did the post race thing and I really got some neat awards, as shown in the picture below. We at lunch on the boardwalk, followed by getting in the bay. Saturday night we went to Capt. Funs for a concert. Sunday was beach time on the Gulf, lunch on the boardwalk, and then back to the classroom for final preparations.

In summary, the actual race stunk, but I had a BLAST w/ the girls and spending time down at the beach.

Sorry for being so long b/w blogs. The running has been ho-hum, nothing really special. The heat has been getting me down a bit, as has ALLL the first-of-the-year stuff to deal with at school.


  1. I can't imagine an August race in FL ever being that much fun, but I'm glad you had a good beach weekend. I do miss the beach up here in WI, but definitely not the hot weather. People here complain all the time about the heat/humidity, but they have no idea!

  2. Anonymous8/12/2010

    speedy speedy speedy! and what an awesome beach weekend! i'm sooooooooo majorly jealous :)

  3. Impressive! Glad you enjoyed time with friends. The time on the clock makes me laugh because we know you are super speedy! Clock issues that day? LOL

  4. Congrats on 1stF! Gotta love those pics where you are kicking some guys' arses! Keep those kiddos in line this year;) I'm sure you will!

  5. Great race, congrats on coming 1st female :D

  6. Anonymous8/13/2010

    You are so fast! I love that you are just cruising it in and I would kill for that time. :) Congrats! I'm glad you had a fun girl weekend too! :)

  7. The beach would be a great motivation to finish the race as fast as possible. :)