July 5, 2010

"Pray Until Something Happens" or... Don't Sit There- MAKE it Happen!

Every day I run past this church that always posts little Christian messages on their sign. Sometimes I find them really cute and inspirational, sometimes they get all hell-fire-broomsticks and I am turned off. The past few weeks "Pray Until Something Happens" has been on their sign. I like it, but I like mine better- MAKE something happen. So... that's what I've been working on.

I have made it my mission to get our track fixed. Yep, pulling out all the stops... ALMOST. I am going to tread lightly here, but say a *few* things about what's on my mind. Okay- the school system is giving us the shaft. There, I said it. Yep, before school was out, I produced a spreadsheet that lined up all sports at the school, showed their funding, including number of coaches per athlete, money (total and per athlete) and mapped out each team's assumed expenses, as well as "gate" money they were able to pull in from hosting home competition. Let's just say the results were beyond staggering. One certain sport, not saying which one, had FOUR TIMES the per-athlete spending we do. At the time of my presentation to the higher-ups at the school board, I was not asking for our funding to be increased, I was merely asking for the track to be fixed. Therefore, we would have the opportunity to host home meets and raise money. Phew, enough about that. Point is- we are getting screwed royally. The school system said they did not have money to fix the track. Then, last week I get a phone call.

See, we have no storage for our track supplies. We store hurdles underneath the precious football stadium, but then during precious football season, they need to be moved. So, some things were in Coach D's classroom, some in the ticket booth, some in the gym, some at my HOUSE, and in my TRUNK! "Someone" called and wanted to know what I had planned on doing with the track things b/c they needed to be moved from the gym.

Him: What do you want to do with the track things, like hurdles and things?
ME: Well, what are my options? We have nowhere to put them.
Him: The County is building us a shed for supplies, if you WANT we could save you a *little* room.
Me: A shed? Who is paying for this?
Him: the school system
Me: Where did the money come from? Whose shed is this?
Him: It will belong to football, but you can use a little bit of it.

Okay, at this point, you can imagine the rest... WHAT THE...??????? So, onto my fundraiser b/c a) I am not a quitter. b) Nothing would please me more than to host a home track meet and go on to win some serious meets this year c) The school system and precious AD thinks I will give up and it will be my pleasure to prove them wrong.

July 17th will be a 5K race in our town. If I do say so myself, I have really done a good job at getting the word out there. I also have pretty much everything in place. We are advertising as a run/walk event, and I'm hoping to have 100 participants. I've already gotten enough money to pay for all of our expenses, so any registrations/donations from here on out is GRAVY! That is exciting, b/c we all know that 5K races can really be a flop, and I've known RD's that have actually gone under or actually broken even when trying to raise funds.

So, here is the link if you'd like to donate, or just take a look. There is a FB page and an active.com page.

Blueberry Chase 5K on Active.com

Blueberry Chase 5K on FB

I also have the 3rd Annual Go, Girl, Go Running Camp next week! And... I am in Louisville w/ my family right now, helping w/ my dad. I have some spare time when he naps and stuff, so I'm hoping to post on both of those things later in the week.

Here's a pic from his Welcome Home Party


  1. Anonymous7/05/2010

    good for you for fighting for the team! it's ridiculous that you guys are getting the shaft. i wish i was around your area to run and support you in that race. good luck and kick some school system butt!

    awwww i love the pic from the welcome home party. looks like things are looking up :)

  2. Welcome home to your dad! Good for you for fighting for the track team. The school district is so short sighted thinking there is only one kind of athlete that matters...

  3. I like the quote:
    "Pray as though everything were up to God.
    Work as though everything were up to you."
    I hope the inaugural Blueberry Chase 5K is a big success.

  4. Anonymous7/05/2010

    Props to you for be proactive and taking charge so that things go the way you want them to for your athletes. So many people would just complain and lament the unfairness of it, but you're gutting through this and DOING something helpful and awesome to address it. I hope the 5K is everything you want and need it to be!

  5. Jay, AWESOME quote! I love it! Thanks.

  6. Anonymous7/05/2010

    My high school's football shed still houses a totem pole, which they are not allowed to use because there was a lawsuit in about our racist mascot in 2001. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this, other than the fact that it is hilarious. It's a tiny little space - you basically can't turn around or exhale when you step inside of it - yet there is a totem pole that hasn't been used since 2001 suspended from the ceiling. You have to beware of accidental beheading-by-headdress-feather.

    Your kids are so fortunate to have you in their corner fighting for them. I hope the Blueberry 5k is a huge success, and that they're able to gain some legitimacy as a "real" sport in the eyes of your administration. You have student-athletes who are competitive at a state level - how many other sports in your school can say that?! I doubt very many.

  7. Thanks for putting my blog on yours :-) I've been reading yours for a while but not said hello before! Great work being pro-active about your track, I always wished my university would build a track but they never bothered so great work trying to save yours!

  8. I like yours better too. :)