March 20, 2010

Nice Try, Buddy!

We had our little local 5K this morning. I can't say I was actually excited about this race. I was excited about seeing and talking to my friends, but other than that- nada excitement. I have gotten fat and majorly out of shape. It's ridiculous and depressing, but that's bound to have happen when you cut training like I have done. On top of that, I am sure I have some sort of throat infection. There are white bumps on the back of my throat and it feels like knives are going into my esophagus. Not a good sign. Aside from those personal issues, the course and set up of this race is pretty bad. Not that I would expect differently from a town of this size, especially when non runners do the planning. But, I always try to support the hometown, whenever possible, so...

I did a 4 mile warm up and was already stressed about my outfit. I love Brooks and I am so grateful for everything they've done for me. I like the uniform, but only only when it's on someone else. See, my thighs are big and the shorts are short. Not to mention, I don't like revealing clothing. I have stomach fat and a flat chest and the shirts are tight. Anyway, I guess I'll get over myself soon enough. On to the "race" that I wasn't planning on really racing. This is a out and back course on the one and only hill in town. So you go downhill for the first 1.6 and uphill for the remaining 1.6. Super planning, huh?

Well, I'm standing there chatting it up w/ Michelle when all of a sudden everyone starts running- WTH? Yep, apparently the lady in charge said "1,2,3, GO!" but she wasn't too loud. We left the medical center parking lot, made a sharp left, then a sharp right before heading downhill. Right away a guy was right on my shoulder. He was so close I could practically smell his breath! I was thinking this was weird, but whatever, some people don't understand the whole My Space- Your Space thing. I'm thinking he'll back off eventually. But he doesn't. Mile 1- 6:06

Then, I miss a turn in my own friggin hometown. Why you ask? Well, I never imagined that the race turned through a PARKING LOT instead of the road that parallel to the lot. Close Runner made the mistake, too. We were back on track quick enough. Then it was up, up, and more up. Talk about on my nerves. I didn't even know this guy. I think I would've been okay with his closeness if he was my friend or something. It was starting to get old, especially since my Out-Of-Shapeness was kicking my own butt going up the hill. Mile 2- 6:34

We made two more sharp turns in mile 3, and he As we neared the end of mile 3, my mind starting, he's going to hold on and then blow past me in the final few meters. I can see where this is going. Let's recap- boy I don't know (not from my town) has been on my tail/shoulder, and I've practically given him a piggy back ride for the majority of this race is going to try to blow me out at the finish. Alright then. So, I slow down a little. Mind games, mind games, I can play, too. He stays put and refuses to pass. Gggrrrrr. I slow down more. Then I make the 2nd to last turn and realize I better get going as to not get passed. Mile 3- 6:46 (Yep, I suck, but I'm NOT going to get beat by some strange moocher boy.)

So, I hit it into high gear for the final 0.2. He's right there on me, too. He tries to pass me, but I use my old track strategy and start weaving. That's dirty, but I'm not about to get schooled this late in the game. Then I make the final turn and BURN IT, beating him by 2 seconds. BWwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
0.2- 0:55

What's interesting is that after the race, I went over to shake his hand for a nice race, even though I think he totally mooched off me for 3.2, but I do have manners and he acted SOOOOO standoff-ish. Oh well, I guess I hurt his pride, since I'm a girl and all. After the race, I jogged back out to watch and cheer for friends. I want to give 2 big shout outs to Summer and Stephanie! Both ran the whole way in the 5K today for the first time ever!!! Way to go, ladies! Oh yeah, I won a plaque and a door prize. The door prize is the new addition to my class collection- a squirrel!!!!!! Haha, I love it and so will the kids.

I'm off to enjoy my beautiful Saturday.
My time sucked eggs. I'm majorly out of shape, but... life goes on. I've been focusing on other things. I'm alright with it.

Ps. That was good for first place- overall first place, not just female.

Let me add one thing. I just read some of your comments and I think I gave the wrong idea. This wasn't really a KID, he was probably in his mid 20s, not much younger than me. I always call people "girls, boys, kids" etc. Sorry about my lingo. Haha.


  1. Anonymous3/20/2010

    first (as the future doc) get those white bumps checked out. it sounds like strep and that doesn't go away on its own. and it can get quite serious if left untreated.

    and good for you for playing dirty during those last few meters and bruising that kid's ego. he sounds like a d-bag!

    but still, you are an awesome racer. i doubt your fat and out of shape. sure youre not logging the mega miles your used to buttttt first place overall? 20:11? (assuming i did the math right) sure it may not be a pr but that is anything but slow :) ummmm want to come pace me for races? i'd love you foreverrrrrrrrrrr :)

    so in short (although this comment is anything BUT) congrats & your awesome!!

  2. Glad you showed that kid who's boss. How annoying!

  3. Anonymous3/20/2010

    haha I loved your race recap! Glad you showed that guy! Oh, and I'd do anything for a time like that : )

  4. Anonymous3/20/2010

    Nice job! Sounds like you showed him!

    I think you look great in your uniform. Seriously, I can discern precisely ZERO stomach fat. What are you talking about??

    And I'm with maiden...get thee to a doctor. That does sound like strep. Feel better!!

  5. I loved your race recap and I don't blame you for "playing dirty" with the weaving! I can remember when I ran track in high school if someone was drafting too closely we would always "have a sudden urge" to spit. Yep you guessed it...over our right or left shoulder at the unsuspecting "drafter". Looking back it was really gross but it worked like a charm every time. HAHA!!

  6. Anonymous3/21/2010

    What the heck, you're out of shape and you won the race! The whole thing! I would love to be out of shape like that! Great job racing. Oh- and it does sound like strep - the white bumps are a classic sign.

  7. you look super cute in the pics to me! i know, easy to be our own harshest critic. anyway, what is up with mr. squirrel? is it like a lawn decoration or something? ridiculousness :)

  8. You are too much, actually slowing down in the race and still come in #1 OA? You continue to be my heroine. And if you ask me, that top looks fantastic on you! I also loved reading about how you dealt with the moocher guy, it's very "runnerly". You really know what you're doing out there and that's totally hot. :-)

  9. Anonymous3/22/2010

    Man, not feeling too hot, not planning on actually racing, dude sitting on you the whole race and STILL winning the whole damn thing? Pretty freakin sweet. Congrats!

  10. A 5k with a 4 mile warm-up?... Hardcore

  11. You cracked me up sooooo your talking about how bad you were sucking I knew you would end up winning the whole dang race.

    Too funny about the guy kick butt.

  12. Anonymous3/23/2010

    hi hi - love your blog. i stumbled across it this morning. i wish i could run - maybe someday i'll work myself up to it. right now, a fast walk is all i can handle. maybe it has something to do with moving back into very high altitude (8,000 feet) from sea level? idk - keep it up, though... i'm inspired!

    :) Mandy

  13. Love your race stategery. Don't take any crap from those boys. A squirrel; too funny.

  14. You are funny! Congrats on the win! Turning in a parking lot in a middle of a race? WTF? That squirrel award is great! Glad you didn't let that snowblower take you at the finish.

  15. You are sooooo dirty with the weaving!! Quiet as kept, when I used to be fast, I did the same thing multiple times! I like your mind game you played with him, it was like i was reading a chapter from my book when I was fast. He was so standoff'ish because he didnt win overall... suxx 2b him! LOL CONGRATS!! Remind me not to run a race that you are in or we will be fighting the first 100 meters until u pass me for good, LOL.