January 14, 2010

First Light Half & The Hearts of Teens

I held off blogging about First Light Half mostly b/c I ran like crap-ola. Also, I've been super busy with the track team. We'll start w/ the RR.

Prerace: I hate being cold and this winter thing is not being kind to me. (Hints the ginormous ski coat in the pic above.) I don't deal well w/ temps below freezing. What's weird is that I have set MORE PRs in temps above 70 than temps below 40 (and I'm mostly talking about marathons). Crazy, I know. Anyway, I was really looking forward to this race b/c it is my PR course for the HM. Also, in 2008, I won overall female in the half. PLUS, Speedy Anna was running the full, and I always love a chance to see her in action b/c it inspires the heck of me to get better. Well, race morning was below 20. I went with my warmest running items- leggings, a thick long sleeved top, 2 pairs of cotton gloves. I went out and did a 10 minute warm up. I was already miserable.

Race: Nothing really eventful during the race, I just couldn't get going. The speed was not there. It's not like I bonked or fell off; I just couldn't GO. Here are the splits- 649, 637, 647, 645, 647, 648, 650, 706, 707, 650, 655, 652, 651, 645, 104. I did have some issues with the Gu. It got really, really thick, plus with the gloves it was almost a lost cause. I guess that happened b/c of the temps.

Final time: 1:30:08- 4th overall female

Post Race: I'm just going to be honest here when I say I pretty much had a break down after the race. It wasn't JUST the race. I feel like I've had so, so many disappointments lately. I've worked really hard to be strong and to do the right things in life and sometimes it just feels like it's been for nothing. Every person has their breaking point. So, I had my few moments of self-pity, then it was over. In the wise words of Jenn, "It's okay to feel sorry for yourself and cry about it, but only for a minute. Then, it's time to move forward." So, I dried it up and went to see Speedy Anna. Something about seeing her racing just moves me in a way that I can't really explain. She's so smooth, strong, and controlled. Plus, I had made her a poster so I got to get out on the race course and scream at her like a wild banshee. That's always a spirit lifter. She WON the full marathon, BTW. Told you guys- this girl is AWESOME!

The best part of the race is usually the after party with the gals, which was true for Sunday, too. I got to meet Miranda (fellow blogger and RWOL friend). It was such a pleasure to finally meet her. I will say that she is just as fabulous, if not more than she is on the computer. LOL. She also placed in her AG for the Half- rock on! Speedy Anna, Miranda (and her friend), Katie, and I all went to brunch. (Yeah, the men partners came, too, but we're not really worried about them, are we ladies? Girls have more fun, remember?) Life's disappointments always feel better after girl talk (and a mimosa).

Fast forward to this week. Last week the high schoolers tried out, like I reported in my last post. This week the middle schoolers are trying out. After looking at the numbers of all the kids trying out, I knew we needed help. So, I recruited some of the older high schoolers to help us. I was a little worried b/c high schoolers can be really immature, and I worried if we would be able to handle eveything. I couldn't be more pleased, though. What I've seen this week has really motivated me to do my absolute BEST at this coaching thing. The high schoolers have worked SO well with the younger athletes. The high schoolers have been cheering on the younger ones, helping them with form, and modeling what it means to be an AWESOME Eagle Athlete! Even though I just became their coach, I have felt so PROUD to be a part of all this. Plus, the middle schoolers are so excited. They have been working so hard and been so motivated to do well! This kind of attitude is contagious.

In regard to my last post. I want to thank TrainingforSub3. It's weird that I took advice from a complete stranger, but I really kept thinking about what he said about having a back up plan, etc. So... I actually asked someone for help. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with some of my projects, so for one of the only times in my life, I asked for help on it. The response was incredible. Relay for Life Team is now under control, but only b/c of the help from my assistant principal (and friend). When I asked her for help, I just told her that I was having trouble handling everything. She was, "Sure, why didn't you ask sooner?" Hhhmmm.... good question. LOL.

My training is plugging along. I got in 80 miles last week and who knows this week. I'm working on a day-by-day basis. Run strong, friends!


  1. i hear ya on the cold temps. i haven't run in about 6 weeks (except when we were down in fl). too darn cold...for me and charlotte!

  2. what a great picture!!!!
    Man, the frozen gu thing is the worst. When it gets that cold, I try to keep it really close to my body before I eat it or in my bra, otherwise it's like chewing it.
    And cut yourself a little break, you've had a lot going on in your life.
    And yes, help will come when asked for :)

  3. Anonymous1/14/2010

    congrats to speedy anna! and to you. it obviously wasn't the time or performance you wanted but i think just getting out there and racing in non-ideal conditions (both weather and life) just shows how fabulous and talented you are. seriously.

  4. Love the photo, what beautiful ladies! Aw, you sweet girl, sorry to hear you had a mini-breakdown but glad to see it was a quickie, it's crazy how we take ourselves for granted and you know you run better in hot than cold, so I hope you gave yourself a pass finally. Wonderful stuff about the track try-outs, so cool that the older kids were so supportive.

  5. Must've been a speedy breakdown indeed--you were all calmness and grace when I finished 12 minutes later! Thanks again for the warm Alabama welcome. It definitely cancelled out the crazy cold!

    So warmer temps bring out more PRs, eh? Sounds like Sunburst is definitely right up your alley! I tend to do better in colder temps, but temps TOO cold (like Sunday) will mess with anyone. I can't imagine how much when you're not as used to it!

  6. Anonymous1/14/2010

    Great picture! And congratulations on a very solid race! Maybe it wasn't your PR day, but you held a good steady pace throughout and race very well. Remember that :) You are an incredibly talented runner.

    I'm sure you're also a very talented coach! I am so glad that is going well. When I ran track in HS, we also had middle schoolers on our team. It was a really good social exercise because we all ended up being friends. I'm glad the HS-ers could help them out.

    Yes, help generally comes when asked. But I understand...asking for help is really hard sometimes. I'm glad you did and that things are feeling better.

    We miss you at RWOL! Hope things keep going well on your end :)

    PS - I got a job! :)

  7. See, even your breakdowns are speedy! I like that approach-let it all out of your system but move forward from there.

    Excellent speedy ladies crew photo too, and way to delegate with the other things going on. You're still involved with everything, but not carrying all the weight for every activity.

  8. Ugh I hate cold weather. Sorry your half didn't go as you hoped, but that's still a great time! How fun to watch your friend win the full too! You ladies are amazing!


  9. Go Eagles! Dare I say "War Eagle!"
    Unless you are a "Roll Tide" type of gal.

  10. That is still a fantastic time! This was a half marathon? I see that there are 14 mile splits, plus the extra 104. Eh?