December 17, 2009

And Some More Flood Pics

We are headed back to school today (Thursday), but it will be a commute! The main bridge is still closed, so I will drive over an hour ONE WAY to get around to the school. Whatever, though. Press on, right? Luckily, the water has mostly gone down on the main roads. Thanks, Brewton Standard for these pictures!


  1. Wow that does not look good. Please be careful. Do they ever estimate how long it takes for the flood waters to go down?


  2. Anonymous12/17/2009

    wow again. please please please stay safe!! how long until everything is clear?

    and thanks for your comment yesterday. your words meant a lot in that moment :)

  3. Surreal! Hope your neighborhood is ok.

  4. Anonymous12/17/2009

    oh my gosh! That looks ridiculous! Stay safe!