September 27, 2009

A Stompin' Night

Remember I'm Queen of Crazy Things Happening? Well, this is always multiplied during tapering. Let's talk about last week. I had a 20% cutback, which felt good. Monday I started a sore throat. That has migrated into a smoker's cough. Nothing too serious, though. No spiking fever like before St. Louis or any need for antibiotic. Friday I had to take a half day off work to get my headlight fixed, and also needed to use some time for life-maintenance things. I left at 11, went to the post office and to get my haircut. Yeah, not too big on the haircut. I don't know who all from my hometown reads this, so I won't go into detail, but I'm just not big on it. Anyway, then I had to drive 60 miles to get my headlight fixed (oil change, too). On the way there, I felt REALLY sleepy. I stopped to get some caffeine. I chose one of those Monster Coffee drinks. It tasted pretty good, and I made it to the dealership w.o any nod-offs. So, I'm sitting there waiting for my car to be fixed, and I honestly thought I was going to puke. I had to run to the bathroom and spent most of my time in there. My heart was about to beat out of my chest. I was sweating profusely and my stomach was churning. They have free drinks there, so I slipped out and got some sprite. It settled me enough to drive home.

Fast forward to the ball game. I work the score board for the home games, which requires me to sit in the press box. (I actually LOVE sitting in the box. That way I am protected from the ugly things people might say about K's coaching when the team is losing.) Well, Eagles STOMPED the other team by like 20 points. As I was leaving the press box, there was a gigantic beetle right in my path. I screamed and STOMPED it as hard as I could. Wow, shooting pain in my shin. Seriously, it felt like someone had stuck a knife in it. Then it got all tingly and burny and stuff. I could really feel it when I walked down the stairs to the field house. All I could think was, "Oh crap, i just gave myself a stress fracture stomping a darn bug." I was near freak-out. I usually wait for K to finish w/ the media people to talk to him and chat for a few minutes, but Friday, i just busted right in the interview and said, "I have to go home." He was like, "Um, okay. Are you alright?" All I could think about was how I had to go home and ice this shin. Also, I didn't want to have a melt-down in front of a couple hundred people.

I went home and applied some frozen corn, then went to sleep. I woke and ran 7 easy. It felt fine. No pain, nothing, not even a twinge. Pain was confirmed as phantom this morning when I ran 17 w/ 12 @ 6:58. Yeah! It felt good and I felt strong!

Also, I got one up on the Taper Curse. On my warm-up lap, I cleared the sidewalk of all sticks and rocks. That way when I'm running this week in the dark, my chances of tripping are greatly reduced. Run strong, friends.

Ps. MAJOR shout-out to my dad! He participated in a 2-day bike ride this weekend for charity. He raised over 100,000 (with the help of his company) for Norton's Cancer Center in Louisville. He cycled from Louisville to Lexington on Saturday (85 miles) and is riding back today! Yesterday he averaged 14mph- not too shabby for a 60 year old!!!

The irrefutable, indisputable, absoluteable, totally beautiful fact is... shhhh, it happens. ~Sugarland


  1. glad that your shin is ok. i totally would have freaked out too!

    hope this week is less eventful for you! congrats to your dad and as soon as i read the song quote at the bottom of the post that song came on the radio :)

  2. Sometimes you just make me laugh, that you're thinking your hairdo apathy might get back to your hairdresser (which I could totally see happening). Too cute.

    Well, you certainly showed that beetle who's boss today with your great MP run, great job woman!

  3. Glad your shin pain was phantom pain and nothing serious! Nice work on your run too!!


  4. Yeah, I would have been freaking out about the shin pain too. Glad it turned out to be nothing!

  5. Wow, that is a crazy day. I'm glad your shin is fine. Congrats to your dad.

  6. Yay for your Dad! Awesome that he did that. As for the beetle stomp and sore throat...gotta love taper madness, all the self-diagnosis that comes with every ache and pain that crops up!

  7. That's good news about your MP run, good job. Good luck with your taper, you are ready for a great run in Hartford.

  8. Sometimes, a certain combination of words just makes me laugh. Today, it was, "I went home and applied some frozen corn."
    Happy tapering.