April 5, 2009

A Very Fast Day

First the RR, then the news. After bagging Azalea last week, I decided to run the Old Mobile 8K. This is a course very similar to Azalea and supports a great charity (Penelope House). Weather was near perfect, low 50s not windy or humid. Here's low-down.
1 mile w/u.
Starting report: There were some very fast looking people towards the front, so I went back a bit. I am also afraid of being "that girl" that isn't where she needs to be at the start. There was no chip timing, so I knew the clock time would be off from Garmin. Oh well.
Mile 1: I stayed with first female, which was just stupid 5:56
Mile 2: Realizing how fast she's going, made note to slow down 6:18
Mile 3: okay, I went out too fast and am already hurting 6:26
Mile 4: suck it up, baby girl 6:13
Mile 5: finally, thank goodness 6:22
Total: 31:14/ 6:15 average
I made the course long by not running proper tangents. (An 8k is 4.97..)

That was good for 2nd female. I was very pleased w/ my pace considering I did zero mini taper or cut back for this. Earlier in the week I did this:
M: 7
T: ummm, no running, working like mad, though
W: a.m. 6X2 @ GMP (14 total); p.m. 6 miles
T: a.m. 10; 4 p.m.
F: 7

As I was heading home, jamming to Rascal Flats, I suddenly saw something very strange behind me. Unfortunately it was not a UFO, it was police lights. I think I MIGHT have been speeding. (I said it was a fast day!) I've been pulled over a few times, but never gotten a ticket. Usually, if you do these things you can be let off with a warning.
#1 Admit your guilt- "Yes sir, I was speeding."
#2 Explain why you are in such a hurry. For me I can usually use school-related activities and no one wants to ticket a teacher.
#3 BE NICE, very nice and never, never question what he's doing.

Yeah, but this guy was new. He was reading off a note card. He didn't take the Niceness Bait. I couldn't use #2, so maybe that's where I went wrong. Plus I probably smelled like a dead animal, therefore any Good Looking Girl Theory for being let off of a ticket was out the window. In the end, I got a ticket. Mmmpph. What's funny about the situation is when he handing me the paper, he said, "Have a nice, safe day." I actually said, "Thank you." After I SLOWLY drove away, I started thinking, I thanked him for the ticket? whatever. My very first ticket. Sad, especially since we donate money to the State Troopers each year and they were the ones to ticket me. I'm about to head out for 20 and then it's TAPER TIME!

Ps. I just read a friend's blog about 3 officers being shot and I just want to say that even though I was annoyed by my ticket, I am VERY grateful that they are out there keeping everyone safe. I will also add that I do LOVE the Brewton Police Department for watching out for my crazy self at 3 a.m. as I run around town in the dark. This post in no way intended disrepect towards law enforcement.


  1. Great race, way to recompose after a fast start, that shows great restraint.

    How much is the ticket?

  2. the price you pay for being fast (yuk yuk yuk)

  3. People drive so fast on those State Highways down where you live but I have never seen a Trooper though. I always just figured they hung out on I-20 between Birmingham and Atlanta, because that is where I always see them. Oh yeah and don't get me started on those "take back our highways" routines either LOL.

    Sounds like a great race, was that fast girl someone you know from downthere? Usually you are the winner of the races, maybe now you have some competition!

  4. Squirrel, the cost of the ticket wasn't on the paper. I have to either call, show up at court, or get online AFTER 10 business days. I guess they aren't too anxious to get their money.

    Preston, thanks for the flattery, but I usually only win the small races. There are a few fast girls down here. My friend, Speedy Anna is one. The other is Amy. Also, the ticket was given to me on Hwy 31 (rural area), not on I65.

  5. What DogPound said! Har har har. Great job on that 8K! Sorry about the ticket. Those highway patrol cops are ruthless.

  6. Anonymous4/05/2009

    Nice race, R, glad you were pleased with it, sorry to hear about the ticket, but sounds like you handled it well...

    Also wanted to comment on your last post, my girls were taking the Aims test last week as well and I always tell them to do the best they can, I'm sure even though the boy was upset, he will be grateful that you cared enough to give him encouragement, just realize parents like myself are grateful for teachers like you..I know teaching is a thankless job but do know you're truly appreciated... :)

    Isn't it taper time for you???

  7. I think listening to Rascal Flats is a ticket-able offense, even in BF Alabama.
    Nice race, with dialing it back to smarter pace.
    The previous, school related post was a good read, too.

  8. Congratulations, oh Fast One. I love reading about your races, they're so otherworldly in their supreme speed.

  9. Sorry about the ticket, though I laughed a little because I got a ticket on the way home from the Imogene Pass run last fall, truly not realizing I was coasting about 10 over the limit.

    Way to go on the second place, and running YOUR race! You kind of did the best of both worlds there with a faster start than normal and then settling in.