April 30, 2009

I know the economy stinks, but...

I was reading Instructor Magazine a few days ago and found a write up about this awesome website. For those people that love to give to charity and help children, this is perfect for you! You can actually find a teacher in need of classroom supplies and donate them. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Here is my link, in case anyone is interested. You can also go to the homepage and search by state, school, or classroom need.


More about running later! Run strong, friends.


  1. When you upload a class photo, I'll donate.

  2. On the pillows can you post a link for an example. On the rocking chair, try garage sales!

  3. Thanks, Squirrel & Preston. I'll work on a photo. I will have to be creative, as I don't want to put 9 year-old faces on my blog. I think I have an idea, though. Preston, great rocking chair idea. If you happen to have read my bookshelf post, I am a little skeptical of the yard sale furniture. I do actually have a rocking chair, but it is broken and part of my behind sags through b/c it is missing some wood. It is from a yard sale. I'll work on some suggestions for pillows. We're really not picky, though. THANKS GUYS! YOU ARE THE BEST! I'm sure I'll be adding many more things at the start of the next school year, too.

  4. Hey,
    I sent ya note on RWOL, didn't think to look here for the pillow question. How badly damaged is the chair. I ask because we are going to have a custom piece of furniture made from two existing pieces, the guy doing it does excellant work (he shows at Bluff Park and Kentuck), so I think he can fix it and make it safe. If it just needs a little fixing and rebuilding maybe we can add it to the list. If you can get a picture of it too, it would help probably!
    I am still going to check on the other chair as a backup, no gurantees on that though....