March 28, 2009

My 2nd DNS

I bagged the Azalea Trail Run 10K this morning. I was primed and ready, too. I woke up due to howling winds and pounding rains last night. So, when my alarm went off at 5, I knew I needed to check on the situation in Mobile. I went and looked at the weather, only to find that we were under a Flood and Tornado Warning. Nice, real nice. Mobile weather wasn't much better. Tornado Watch and 90% chance of storms at start time. Okay, so what do I do? I stalked the computer for a few minutes, talked to Speedy Anna, and weighed the pros and cons.
Pros of running it- I already paid & mini tapered for this race. I haven't seen running girlfriends in a long while.
Cons of running it- Um, running in the weather, driving in the weather, and possible wasted gas & time if the race is cancelled. So... I called it a day and bagged it.

I knew I would feel guilty immediately and I did. I then read that they had delayed the start. Hmmm.... more thinking, more weather stalking. Finally, a decision was made for me by the closing of roads in our wonderful map dot town. Apparently 14 feet of water covered the bridge "downtown" and the water was expected to rise to 22 feet by Sunday morning. Yikes! In a way, I felt relieved b/c it was no longer my decision. I COULDN'T get to the race, even if I wanted to run it!

What am I going to do you ask? Well, after consulting Coach, I am going to run easy today and beef up tomorrow's LR w/ 22 miles w/ 4-6@GMP. Yippeee. In regards to the race, I think it did clear off in time for the delayed start, but Speedy Anna said it was hot, humid, & miserable. I would probably just have been disappointed when I didn't PR, so I guess it is all for the best.

In NRR matters, my National Board Certification Portfolio is to be postmarked on Tuesday and I am STILL not finished with it. Fun. Real fun. Guess what I'm doing all weekend?
Run strong, friends.


  1. Aren't you happy the bridge decided for you? Otherwise you'd feel weird/guilty all day probably, even though it really sounds like horrible conditions. Hope your town gets out from the flood waters asap, sounds scary. Meanwhile, have a great run tomorrow, may the MP miles be easy and effortless.

  2. Hey, it was clearly out of your control! Be careful out there. I'm sure you'll nail your long run tomorrow. And have fun working on your portfolio. ;)

  3. Hey Rebecca,
    I was hoping to get a chance to meet you there. Not a bad decision to bag it at all. I got there Fri. night and got about 3 hours of sleep due to severe storms. The race was delayed until 9:30 and the sun came out just a few minutes before the start so as you can imagine the humidity was brutal. I missed a PR by almost a minute. My RR will be posted on my blog shortly. Take care and good luck in St. Louis.

  4. Good luck on the project for the teaching gig. I am sure you will ace it! Posted the 5K RR, even has a picture LOL

  5. I know how you feel about missing a race, esp if you paid for it. Luckily it was out of your control, so you cant feel TOO bad about it. Thanks for the encouraging words. One day I'll be as fast as you, LOL. I'm still going to be reading (stalking) your and others, blogs for tips...