June 19, 2008

Something Good about Small Town America

Sometimes living here makes me feel like a celebrity. A regular ol' girl runs a few marathons and all of a sudden she's a rockstar. Over the 3 years of living in Mayberry, K and I have acquired our titles. He's "The Coach" and I'm "The Runner." I have realized this over the past few days at the local YMCA. They have been cracking down on having your ID card to scan at the front door. The rule is, if you don't have your card you have to sign in. There is a lady manning the desk to make sure you do it. Well, my Y card is MIA. I stopped to put my name on the list and she said, "Oh YOU don't have to worry about that. We all know you're a member." Well, I did anyway b/c I am really a rule-follower.

Starting on June 30 I will be leading a 4 day running camp for preteen girls. A friend of mine that works at the Y is helping me and she made up a flyer to post. At the bottom it had our names and next my name she put "Award Winning Runner." HHHhhmmm... Technically, that does fit me. Is that all I am, though? What about my other "hats"? OTOH, I don't always win and I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. To make a long story short, I asked her to take it off. I also led a pilates class today for the first time. I did an okay job except I couldn't remember the names of some of the moves, so I had to whisper to another regular-attendee to ask for help. Planking and watching the clock at the same time is hard! I think I strained my neck.

Training is going well. I feel like I am building a solid mileage base and I am far less sore than I was last week. I had an awesome workout Tuesday- 7 miles @ 7:10 pace, then to the track for 8x100s w/ 100 jog b/w. Luckily, I have been able to recover pretty well so far. I think the yoga and pilates is helping to keep me flexible.

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  1. Glad to hear you went back to the track again after your last post. Sounds like the the training for your marathon is going pretty well.