May 11, 2008

Mind vs. Body

I am officially seven days into "recovery." I hate recovery. I feel inspired to do better, train, harder, get back to it, but my body won't let me. I am still reminded of those mountains I climbed last Sunday. I ran a whopping 16 miles this week. I didn't have any real pain, just some lingering stiffness. Today's weather was ridiculous. Technically it's not summer yet, but the outdoors tell a different story. It was balmy and 80 at 5 a.m. What???? I ran my favorite 7 mile loop and felt almost back to normal. I was so tempted to throw in some 100s at the end, like I have done during so many runs on the Pfitz plan. I didn't. I jogged it to the car like a good girl. I am seriously considering Pfitz's 70+ plan for my next marathon, but looking at the 16 weeks schedule I realized there's not a single rest day. Can that be healthy? Even when I ran college cross country we had a rest day. Pfitz didn't fail me before, so I guess I should trust him now. A side note- I'm starting to enjoy this blogging thing. Any tips to make this more enjoyable for readers are greatly appreciated.


  1. I really like your marathon history, I have been thinking about doing the KY Derby marathon. How did you like it.

    Only thing that makes a blog better is more pictures, of course I have yet to figure out how to post pictures on my blog :)

  2. Great to see you on blogpost - the more you blog, the more you'll enjoy it, I guarantee. My blogposts of my race reports are probably the best memento I've got of all the hard effort over the past 2 years. It's totally worth it.

    Keek up the great work and cool pics - you're going to have a lot of wins to put up!