May 10, 2008

Get to Know Me (my first blog)

Two words define who I am- teacher & runner. At this point in my life, both seem to be at a slow point. I just ran a personal best marathon, my 15th. Why do I feel down? I really, really wanted to break 3:10. It had consumed me. Technically, I ran 26.2 miles in less than 3:10, but not the actual race. Thanks to a fire on the Flying Pig Course, my PR is tarnished. I am winding up the school year, and it has probably been one of the worst. I had a "challenging" group of kids, but really it's my coworkers that are killing me. Since becoming grade level chair two years ago, my coworkers seem to have gotten lazier and lazier. On the other hand, I have become less patient, making a stressful situation for all parties involved. The upcoming year is in limbo b/c we might be moving to a new town. K is up for a head coaching job at a new school, requiring us to move (AGAIN). I have mixed feeling about this stressful situation, but what will be, will be.

Because of our financial situation, I am limited to the marathon I can do next. I have research airfares and Chicago, Richmond, and San Antonio are within budget. For driving, Chickamauga, Memphis, and Cocoa Beach are under 8 hours. I will probably wait out the job thing and then make my decision on which marathon to tackle next.

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    Since I read most of your posts in the RW forums I am pretty excited you are now doing a blog.

    I am sure you will break 3:10 in your next race.

    Sorry to hear about the job woes, I too am at a crossroads of sorts career wise.

    On a better note, I addded ya to my blogs links :)